September 20th

Aspects for September 20th week. Mercury is square Pluto this week and Uranus opposition Venus. Let’s look at Mercury square Pluto first, Mercury square Pluto needs honesty and there is a sense of haste. The intensity is over whelming. The conversion is needed but difficult. What is going to be cut out and what will stay in the plan. What is the truth that is needed to overcome the situation. Uranus opposite Venus, big surprises, upheavals. What isn’t helping you and what is? Try to create extra space in your life.

2 thoughts on “September 20th

  1. I love that you are putting forth info and updates to let me know what is happening in the stars to help guide me as I am making choices and decisions in my day to day life. How cool is that?? I will check in regularly! 🙏 Thank you 💚

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