October 3rd week:

October 3rd week: Mercury is still in Libra being indecisive asking us to make a little bit more changes, add a bit more of this, and a bit less of this. It’s all about relationships. What changes are you looking to make? Where can you find a balance between your relationships, your job etc..? 

New Moon on October 6th : It’s a time to plant a new seed for a new beginning. It’s a strong New Libra Moon, it’s an air sign she attracts and charms people. What are you trying to finish? Revising and alternating are good things to do during Mercury retrograde. Clean out your desk too. Take your time. Mars is conjunct with the Moon too giving you the extra energy to go forward. It’s a good time to finish that project you have been working so hard on. 

Also on October  6th Pluto will go direct: Pluto wants us to transform into who we really want to be, not something superficial. Be direct!

October 7th: Venus in Sagittarius, let the good times roll or at least be happier than when Venus was in Scorpio! Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign. Fire always goes up to the heavens. Sagittarius asks the question, what is the truth? And they expand.  

October 9th: Sun conjunct Mars and Mercury: It’s time to get things done! The energy is good and available. Go for It!!

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