November 1st -10th 2021

We start off on November 2nd with Mercury trine Jupiter: It is a beautiful aspect for getting to the truth and uncovering a deeper understanding, and thus healing. It can make you very stubborn and try to change another person’s mind. Usually this is a very good aspect for moving forward.

On November 4th we have a new moon in Scorpio: A very tense new moon. Because it has so many aspects over the next couple of days. This new moon is ruled by Mars which wants action and it’s not a compatible aspect. The goal is to not be rash. Take a little extra time.

On November 4th we also have the Sun in Scorpio opposite Uranus: The planet Uranus makes sudden changes and can make for tension. It is a different order than you expect. Change is inevitable. 

November 6th Venus moves into Capricorn:  Structure is very important. Wherever Venus is in your chart is the area you need to build on. It will become very intense.

November 6th Mercury in Scorpio: Scorpio is impulsive and has a sharp tongue. Take extra time with your words. This Mercury placement is very good at understanding the bottom line. Try to keep boundaries with other people.

On November 10th Mars squares Saturn: It is a very difficult aspect. This can be a clash of egos, and you  can come across people who have very different opinions. The week is a time to moderate yourself and not to rush into something. People could be very wound up. This can also be a shortage of supplies. Make sure you’re doing a bit of extra meditation and nice cups of tea.

People who have fixed signs ( Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius), will have more frustration in the month of November, because of tense aspects.

Kelly’s and the Astrology Podcast have more information about the month of November.

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