November 16th week:

We have The Sun sextile Pluto on the 16th; this is a lot of Scorpio energy. There is a creative energy here and working with your boss or authority figures, that could be very helpful.

November 17th Uranus in opposition to Mars; this is an explosive energy. Be ready for changes that happen suddenly. The best relationships are those that allow you to be authentic.

November 18th Mercury trine Neptune; this is great for art and poetry. Your intuition could be really flowing. Remember to keep life real however.

November 19th Moon sextile Neptune; this is another day for creativity, and empathy.

November 19th is also the eclipse of Taurus: eclipses make everything more intense and this one is a big one. It is also square Mercury in Scorpio. Today could be a day for difficult discussions, and you need to reevaluate your position.

It’s a good time to assess your thinking, are you caught in past patterns? Is your pattern something that no longer is needed? The dogma of the past can just bog us down.  

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