December 13th week – December 28th

December 13th week:

This week we have Mercury and Mars both changing signs. Mercury will change to Capricorn where it’s more focused than fun loving Sagittarius. It’s better for business matters.

Mars will change to Sagittarius, it’s not in rulership like it was in Scorpio, and MARS in Sagittarius does not have a lot of patience, but they have a lot of optimism, and they have multiple projects going at the same time. It can be difficult to get everything done!

December 19th

The nice aspect is Sun sextile Pluto: it is very good for creative flow and working with groups or your boss. It is a chance to act more efficiently and to create change in your physical world or inner world. Wherever Pluto is in your chart you can make a free-flowing change. Pluto is about transforming that which is not working in your life.

December 20th – December 28th

This is Saturn square Uranus: this is a difficult aspect because people have limitations. We have too much order and duty and it can cause too much tension when it no longer services it purpose. The tension can be very strong and the desire to break free very strong. We need to decide if you are limiting yourself too much and so consistently falling short of what you want in life. What is valuable in your life? What can you change? It is important to remain levelheaded during this transit and be ready for whatever change comes your way. Be ready to make changes in your plans at the last minute.

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