January 1- January 18th 2023

January 1, 2023

Jupiter enter Pisces on December 30th it’s a fertile and moist sign and seeds began to grow. Where Jupiter is in your chart is the area where you can grow and expand. Make your New Years resolution on January 2nd during the new moon phase. Pisces rules the lymphatic system and immune system, if Pisces is making positive aspects to your chart this is an excellent time to make improvements to those areas. Pisces is not hindered by Saturn this year so you can expand much easier, however this can make you see life through rose colored glasses. Keep it real! It stays in Pisces until May 11th.

January 1, 2023, we have a void moon, it’s helpful to rest and contemplate, energy flow can be a bit low.

January 2nd, we have new moon in Capricorn it’s great time to plant the seeds for growth. Capricorn is good at building structures that we need for future planning and goals.

January 5th is a great day for so many projects. The moon is conjunct Jupiter in Pisces. Kelly from Kelly’s Astrology calls this the best day of the month and I agree. I am excited to be sharing this information. It’s a great day to start a new project.

Venus is continuing her retrograde from December 19th until January 29th the intensity of Venus retrograde continues particularly if you are a cardinal sign, Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn. This is revisiting areas in your life that you thought you had finished with. It is like an old friend that comes to visit but you aren’t ready to see.  Capricorn is a business sign so building something with a foundation can be problematic.

January 14th Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius until January 27th when it changes signs to Capricorn and finally go direct February 4th. Mercury retrograde is famous for causes computer chaos and communication problems. Try to clarify as much as you can. By the end of Mercury retrograde the problems are usually solved.

January 17th, we have a full Moon in Cancer trine Neptune. This aspect is great for artistic endeavors. However, because it is a full Moon it can reflect your mother issues and childhood. Full moons tend to be intense in on way or another. If the moon is in your 7th house this aspect can make relationships sensitive. We could all feel great empathy for someone too. Where does this full Moon fall in your chart?

January 18th, the nodes change signs and Uranus goes direct. The nodes will change from Gemini and Sagittarius to Scorpio and Taurus. The nodes are areas in your chart where there is a letting go (south node) or north node an intensity or a filling up and maturity. Uranus changing signs areas in the chart where you will be making changes in your life.

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