February 1st – February 28, 2022

February 1st a new moon in Aquarius: The Moon is one of the most important signs and is about your feelings and emotions. This is an active moon phase a beginning of a new cycle. The Moon is conjunct the Sun. If you are born during a New Moon phase you are probably full of energy. The New Moon will be square Uranus which means there will a sense that you want to do things on your terms and covid restrictions or any other restrictions will be hard to tolerate. Aquarius is a friendly sign and likes friends and social gatherings and Aquarius is very science and technology orientated sign. It is about the mind. Aquarius is an air sign so covid virus will continue to be a problem. . I wonder if a new technology will start to blossom.

Saturn in Aquarius is also tied to the labor movement, and Pisces is I believe is the little guy. I believe tensions will continue with Uranus and Saturn aspects. I hope with Jupiter in Pisces new labor gains will be made.

Mars, and Venus conjunct and Venus going direct (not retrograde). Venus is moving forward now. Mars, and Venus conjunct makes the two planets very strong and passionate. Mars in Capricorn is the planet in exaltation it is the stronger planet. It can stay focused on the project, and get it done. Venus is the people you attract and how you make friends. Capricorn expresses itself with a very down to earth tone. It’s not that they don’t have a sense of humor, but Capricorn’s don’t waste time on anything that isn’t important to them. Venus and Mars conjunct will be thrifty and focused.  This aspect will be all month in February.

February 4th Mercury goes Direct, and the energy of Mercury will move forward, so mental projects that you have been stuck on will began to ease.

February 11-12th we have Pluto conjunct Mercury, this is like drinking a truth serum, the truth will come out. There could be some interesting truths coming out in the news.

February 16th a full Moon in Leo, the Moon in Leo likes to exaggerate, and is a very generous sign. Life tends to be very busy during full lunations.

February 19th the Sun moves into Pisces. This is going to help us move in a more positive direction Finally!! Pisces is a sign that is in rulership with Jupiter the planet of blessings and benefits!!

The end of the month and into the first week of March we have Pluto conjunct Mars and Venus. Pluto wants the truth and no B.S. Is there a truth that you will find in yourself or others? Be careful of power struggles too. This energy can be very powerful.

At the end of the Month and we have stellium in Capricorn, the Moon joins Venus and Mars anyone with Capricorn at the angles in the chart will feel this. It’s very intense.

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