March forecast

March forecast March 1st– March 6th

March 1st, Sun Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus this is a very pleasant aspect for sudden changes which can lead to growth and understanding. It can give you a new sense of freedom from the usual routine.

March 2nd, the new Moon in Pisces, is an excellent time to plant the seeds for your inner growth, Pisces is excellent for spirituality, meditation, art, tarot card, and music. However, it is not so good and the 9-5 daily routine. Jupiter is in rulership and the new moon at some point during the day will be conjunct it which will highlight the blessings available to us all.

March 2nd, Mercury Conjunct Saturn this aspect can make communication difficult, so be sure to take your time and try to not make big decisions for the future. It is very good at details but can be a bit negative.

March 3rd, Mars conjunct Pluto and Venus conjunct Pluto. Pluto wants to make something smaller or take away someone’s power. This is a difficult aspect for relationships, even the best relationships can struggle during this time. There can be a back and forth in the relationship.  The energy can help to transform your relationship, and old friends or old relationships may spring up. Mars-Pluto energies can be very ego-centered. This is fighting energies make sure to be as constructive as possible.  Creatively can be difficult at this time too.

March 5th, the Sun is conjunct Jupiter. This is just a great day! Jupiter in Pisces is a time of abundant growth. Are there goals that you want in your life? Where is Jupiter in your chart? Dream big! But realize that you need to keep it realistic.

March 6th through March 28th Venus and Mars are conjunct, and they change signs from Capricorn to Aquarius both are Saturn ruled planets, but they operate differently. Capricorn wants to build structures and Aquarius is more technology-based. Venus is caught between Mars and Saturn so she can not bring forth the light. Her energy is captured between two malefics. Chris Brennan’s book, The Study of Fate and Fortune says, “that malefic has the power to negate, destabilize or corrupt the significations of the other planets.” In this case, it is Venus that becomes corrupt or negated.

MARCH 6TH Venus and Mars changing signs from Capricorn to Aquarius, Capricorn is a structured sign. It is earth and Capricorn changing to an air sign the energy starts flowing like the winds when they blow. Capricorn is changing laws and judges the bases, while Aquarius changes at the humanitarian level. It is a bit more democratic.

March 9th Mercury enters Pisces. Mercury in Pisces is best when it can flow like the fish in the ocean and use the heart to make decisions. It’s very good at tracking emotions and the abstract. That is one reason meditation, spirituality and religion are very connected to the Pisces sign.

March 13th Sun conjunct Neptune. During this aspect please be careful to make sure we are realistic. We can get to caught up in unrealistic dreams and that can be very hurtful. On the positive side, this can be great for compassion, empathy, and sensitivity to the souls’ energy.

March 17th Mercury sextile the Uranus. This is no time for rigid thinking, be flexible and think outside the box. This is a great time to study math, science and to be ready to make changes in how you think.

Wherever Uranus is in your chart there will be changes.

March 18th Sun sextile Pluto. This is a soft aspect that is good for working with others and making changes with ease.  The planet Pluto can take power away from someone or give you more power.

March 19th Venus square Uranus. This can be a difficult transit for relationships be sure to respect boundaries. Sometimes you can just need to give someone extra space. This is an interesting aspect because sometimes people pick up unusual gifts or trinkets and then don’t know what to do with them.

March 19th. Sun enters Aries. Aries is a Mars-ruled sign, so it has a lot more energy and heat than Pisces. Aries gets things done fast.  Mercury conjunct Jupiter. This is the time to look for favorable opportunities.  This is an excellent aspect of communication, travel, and forward-thinking.

Look at your chart for where this aspect is and take advantage of the aspect.

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