April 29th -30th

On April 29th Mercury changes signs from Taurus to Gemini. Mercury decides how we process information and how we communicate. It helps us convey and express our messages. In Taurus Mercury expresses itself simply and usually in a beautiful voice because it I ruled by Venus. The arts are usually important to Mercury in Taurus. They are the stubborn and steady signs.  Mercury changing to Gemini is totally different it is a fast thinker and talkative with its hands, also always on the go. They want to know the facts and are generally good at games, and word puzzles. Mercury in Gemini everything moves faster.

On April 30th we have a Lunar New Moon and a Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees. Uranus will be in the middle of this New Moon which makes for unexpected events. It may not happen on exactly the 30th but the changes will happen and be unexpected. It is also sextile Mars this aspect gives the extra energy to get us moving in the direction of our goals or the direction our life is destined to be. It can be a very shocking and difficult transition.

What house will the New Moon be in your chart?

 If the New Moon is in the 11th house, you could meet someone who is eccentric or someone who helps in an unusual way.

 In the 3rd house, something important could happen with your siblings, or neighbors could decide you are too different and dismiss you. Your ideas are very original.

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