May 3, 2022 – May 16, 2022

May 3, 2022, Venus in Aries.

Venus is now in Aries the sign of adventure and taking a chance on something new. Aries likes to be bold and spontaneous.

May 4, 2022, Sun conjunct Uranus and Mars sextile both planets.

Mars is conjunct the Sun and sextile Uranus; this aspect is good for pushing yourself to do something that has been difficult. It is an opportunity to be more independent. It is important to release the high energy into something that gives you a sense of independence. The energies of these three planets are explosive so use the energy for choosing something for yourself. It can help you make great progress and get out of a rut.  It can be an accident-prone time also so be careful.

May 6, 2022, Mercury Sextile Venus.

This is a very light-hearted sense and beauty. It is a great time to meet up with friends and family and have some fun.

May 10, 2022, Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrogrades at 4 degrees in Gemini.

Delays and miscommunications and data, redo and recheck.

On May 11, 2022, Jupiter goes into Aries.

Start something new a new adventure. Aries is ready to discover the new pioneer in your life. It lasts 12 months. If Aries is on the angles in your chart, you will feel this stronger.

May 16, 2022, Full Moon in Scorpio with the South Node square Saturn.

Scorpio is an intense sign they feel more intense than most signs, so this Full Moon is emotional. Scorpio holds onto feelings. This can be a difficult aspect for women because it is the Moon and ruled by Scorpio which is the women’s sexual organs. There is constricts on women’s rights. It is a time to make choices that make us feel better. The energy could be very low, and it is a time to take extra care of our bodies. It is time to plan a healthier lifestyle physically and emotionally. It is harder to find balance when your energy is diminished.

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