May 20th – 30th

On May 20th Sun ingress into Gemini, your Sun sign is your vitality, and what you need in life. Gemini is a fun sign with good energy and the person in the room who plays games and wins! They talk with their hands and are generally good at communication. On May 21st, the Sun, and Mercury are combustible, and Mercury is in Retrograde. This means that Mercury is not working as well as it should. Many ideas and communications will have to be redone. This is great to catch on to emails and clean your desk. However, try to go at a slower pace, by the time Mercury is done with its Mercury retrograde you will have finished whatever you had to redo. The result will be better than before. On May 22nd, Mercury retrogrades enter Taurus. Taurus is a stoical sign they express themselves in a clear manner and are good teachers for that reason. Taurus is a slow-paced sign so the difference between Mercury retrogrades in Gemini a fast-paced sign and Taurus a much slower sign should be noticeable. Taurus is stubborn and Gemini is ready for change. Venus’s sextile Saturn on May 24th, this aspect is about your commitments, responsibilities, and money matters. There is a need to review the responsivities in your chart, where are these planets in your chart? Mars changes signs from Pisces to Aries on May 24th. Mars is in its’ home sign here giving it lots of energy, courage, and strength. It can often be rash, and arrogant. Mars in Aries is excellent at sports! The change from Pisces to Aries is so different! Pisces is a sign that is great for the service of the underdog as well as others, and Aries is quick, decisive, and has leadership abilities. The shift in energy is going from making the plans to putting plans in action. Mercury trine Pluto on May 25th, this is a very nice aspect for moving forward in your life and transforming how you think. It is very creative and is best used for finding out what is it you want at a deep level. Finding your inner self, so to speak. The negative side can lead to obsessive thoughts. Venus square Pluto May 26th, this is about the relationships in your life. It is very intense, and change is needed for the relationship to grow. If this aspect is in the angles of your chart, you will feel it strongly. Venus enters Taurus on May 28th. Venus is very positive in Taurus however this year we have Saturn and Uranus making it difficult for the true Venus in Taurus to shine. Mars conjunct Jupiter on May 29th, this will be a day full of energy, and getting projects done will be possible. Physical activity is high, and your energy will be better. This is a very good aspect. On May 30th we have a New Moon in Gemini. It is a new beginning, and some clarity should start to become possible even with the Mercury retrograde. It is a great time to meet new and old friends. Writing in your journal is a positive outlet also.

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