June 4th – June 22, 2022

On June 3rd Mercury starts moving direct and Saturn starts to go retrograde on June 4, 2022. The issues you have been working on will start to get resolved now with a new understanding. Saturn going retrograde is going back over old problems that have not been solved.

Wherever Saturn is in your chart, particularly the angle of the chart is where your energy will be focused.

Mercury trine Pluto on June 10th, Mercury is how we think talk and mitigate information. Mercury in Taurus likes information to be visually convened and has a very stoical attitude. When it is aspected to Pluto this is a truth that must be told, basically a no B.S. aspect.

On June 10th Moon in Libra square Pluto, causes intense, empowering thoughts. A strong desire for privacy. Pluto makes this a creative powerful aspect that makes your inner psyche more profound. It is also great for transforming the garden or your home.

On June 11 Venus conjunct Uranus, seeking new freedom, and yet Venus wants stability, so it makes for a back-and-forth motion. Venus is very happy to be in Taurus, but it cannot really function as well as it normally does in Taurus because of the conjunction with Uranus.

 On June 13th Mercury enters Gemini, this is a good time to get the information correct and to have cheerful communication. Mercury is very happy in Gemini.

June 14th, Full Moon in Sagittarius is a great day for getting together with friends and feeling the excitement of a full Moon.

On June 16th Moon is conjunct Pluto, this aspect can reform your relationships, particularly with the mother. It can be an acute power struggle too. This aspect is getting you ready for a new cycle in your life. The energy can be strong, and it can feel like you have too much on your plate. There are a lot of aspects of this day that can make for an unstable day.

On June 16th Sun square Neptune, this is confusion and rose-colored glasses and forgetting information. A very frustrating day.

On June 16th Sun trine Saturn, this aspect will help you finish projects and accomplish your goals.

June 18th Moon in Aquarius squares Venus and Saturn, responsibilities, and discipline. Venus wants something right now.   Impatient is the word to describe it.

On June 18th Venus sextile Neptune, I love this aspect it is very beautiful. A great time to decorate or paint. Do something that feels good for you. Artistic endeavors will feel and look good!

On June 20th Mercury sextile Jupiter, this is good energy for communication.

On June 20th Moon conjunct to Neptune, this is a reflective aspect.

On June 21st Venus trine Pluto, intense emotions. The need to go deeper into a subject and not want anything superficial. On June 21st, the Sun enters Cancer nurturing and creating something that is stable. Cancer has a hard shell and a soft inside. Nurturing is part of their DNA..  The sign Cancer starts the solstice, what have you finished, and what still needs to be done?

On June 22nd, Venus is in Gemini communication abounds. Light-hearted energy.

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