July 13th Full Moon in Capricorn

The Full Moon in Capricorn is connected to structures and buildings, setting the goals that are important to us. It is also very important for the structure of the family as this Full Moon is opposite the Sun in Cancer. The two are polarized the mother and the father figure. The supportive influences can help give you energy. Visualize what changes you want to make and then release them to the earth.

Mercury is also sextile Uranus the energy for communications flows. It is a good day for talking with friends. Spontaneous communication and ideas are flowing freely.

Venus’s trine Saturn, Venus is in Gemini a mutable air sign. Gemini is the life of the party and trine Saturn gives the stability needed for good relationships.

Venus square Neptune is very artistic, dreamy, and romantic. However, the other side of Venus square Neptune is relationships that are unrealistic. You could find someone that is wonderful only to discover the relationship is built on feelings of inadequacy. Martyrdom in the relationship is possible too.

July 14, Moon in Aquarius squared Uranus in Taurus. This aspect can you very independent and quick thinking. It is an exciting aspect, but it is best to slow down and take your time. It can be emotionally upsetting at this time, and unexpected events. Heavy responsibilities or being accountable can be hard to accept because you may need time to reboot emotionally.

Pluto is still making the aspect all week of Pluto squared the Sun in Cancer. This aspect can be very emotional if you have a Cancer placement. It can be going back to roots as a child. Cancer is the mother figure and Saturn is the father figure.

Robert hand in his book, Planets in Transit describes it best, “This is a day when you may have to encounter and even oppose powerful pressures and forces exerted upon you, both from without and from within.”

Sun conjunct Mercury, this is a nice aspect for all thinking and communication. Love it!

Moon square Mars, irritability and moodiness are a possibility. Acting impulsive and frustrated can lead to accidents so be careful. Tension is high during this transit.

Moon sextile Jupiter, this aspect I hope will counteract Moon square Mars, it is nice for making connections with old friends and new friends. Support is there in relationships.

Planets in Transit Life Cycles for Living

2nd edition

by Robert Hand

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