August 21, – 22, 2022

On August 21, and August 22 we have Mercury in opposition to Neptune. It is a delightful day if you just wanted to hang out by the water and meditate or relax. It is the solitude that we all need sometimes.  Great time for the artist to compose that music or painting. Mercury in opposition to Neptune is not good at articulating an idea unless you are using a paintbrush.

On the same day, we have Moon square Neptune, this aspect makes clear emotions and communications go astray it also dissolves boundaries, but this aspect is only on Sunday, August 21.

Mercury is continuing to trine Pluto; this is a positive aspect for writing and studying particularly science and the occult. It started on August 20th and will continue until the 24th of August. Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn can get into the details and gain new insights. It is a good time to write or use the media to articulate your viewpoint.  To get the best use of this aspect make sure you have reviewed anything you plan to publish, because of the Neptune aspects.

On August 20th Mars went into Gemini. It will be in Gemini until March 25, 2023. Mars in Gemini will go retrograde from October 30th until January 12th, 2023. Gemini is a mutable sign that disperses energy including all forms of communication.

Gemini rules the hands, arms, and shoulders. Gemini is a person who has too much going on in their head.

Mars in Gemini will highlight the airlines and the troubles that they will have this winter.  Mars in Gemini is also argumentative and during an election year, I expect there will be some very sharp and intense media surrounding the candidates. Gemini likes to be vocal and speak their mind, and they are the life of the party.

If you have Gemini rising this aspect will be on your ascendant for a long time which will make you more active and vocal. Mars here will make you more self-assertive. If you have this aspect in the 1st house you can be reckless and accident- prone during this time, particularly to the arms hands, and shoulders.

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