August 30, 2022- September 1, 2022

Today we have the moon in Libra trine Mars in Gemini. Jupiter is trine Mars and in opposition to the Moon. This is a helpful aspect of energy and feeling good. Social activities are becoming a bit more bountiful. The energy is there to get our goals done.

On August 31st we have an extra-long Moon that is void. The moon is the planet that is responsible for the feedback from our emotions, so during a void Moon’s senses are a bit slow and the energy is not strong. The light of the moon is dimmed. It is a time to rest and restore the energy flow. It is a good time for meditation.

 I hope all of us were able to use the Mercury in Virgo from August 4th to August 26th for planning our goals and organizing our desks and now we are heading into Mercury in Libra going retrograde from September 10th until October 2nd. Mercury in Libra has already started to slow down. Mercury retrograde is excellent for clearing out emails and clutter on desks. It is time for reviewing our choices and revising them.

Mars in Gemini, Mercury in Libra, and Saturn in Aquarius is a lot of emphasis on air signs. There will be a lot of movement. It will be challenging to find ways to slow down. The best way I know of to slow down is to write down what you are trying to accomplish first. If you have Libra on the angles in your chart you will feel this the strongest.

On September 1st, the Sun in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini increasing the possibility of reckless behavior. It is important to slow down.

Mercury trine Mars so much interaction with others and fast thinking.

Mercury is in opposition to Jupiter, with Mercury, slowing and yet trine Mars and in opposition, it is a bit too much. Find the time to slow down! Not everything has to be done immediately.

Mars trine Jupiter is so much action, but it is good for getting the projects done.


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