Mercury Retrograde

On September 9th Mercury is retrograde at 8 degrees. Mercury retrograde is the planet moving back and forth slowly. It is a fluctuating retrograde loop moving past normal boundaries of the elliptic.  The retrograde movement is an obstruction that you must progress through. Mercury retrograde is a time of redo and review. Mercury is retrograde first in Libra and then it goes back into Virgo on September 24th. It continues its retrograde movement until October 2nd when it will go direct.  This Mercury retrograde in Libra will highlight relationships, including business relationships and the courts. Mercury in Libra will start a project and then stop before it is complete, and then start something different. During this transit, it will be hard to stay focused until September 24th when it goes back into Virgo. The Virgo energy will have to redo, review, adapt, and eventually complete.

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