November 1, 2022- November 18th, 2022

Mars retrograde in Gemini Oct 30th – January 12, 2023, Mars retrograde is when Mars is behind the Sun, and then it will start to go direct, until March 25th, 2023. The peak of Mars retrograde will be December 7th. However, there will still be a couple of exemptions to the rule.  Mars square Neptune all month. This aspect can be very discouraging particularly if either planet is on the angles in your chart. It is a time when changes need to be made, but you will need to improvise. If you have Gemini on an angle you may need to find your power.  This aspect can lead to people talking behind your back instead of being upfront. This can also be a problem if you are sensitive to drugs, and the depletion of the body. Clarity is often needed during this transit. It is very murky waters ahead. However, it is excellent for Qigong, Tai chi, and yoga to bring the mind into the body.

I learned a lot about Mars retrograde from Maurice Fernandez – Evolutionary Astrology SKIES

Full Moon in Taurus at 16 degrees on November 8th conjunct Uranus and opposite Mercury. This eclipse is in Taurus which is ruled by Venus and is conjunct with the North Node. The South Node and Mercury are in opposition to Uranus, and square by Saturn. The energy is extremely scattered, not the best time to make important business decisions.  The focus could be on the value of the dollar or food supplies. Mercury and Uranus combine to think outside the box, and it stimulates the mind. This is an eclipse that is relationship and mind centered too. It is fated events or relationships perhaps meeting someone new. We don’t want to act too quickly without all the information, anxiety could be running high. The climax is coming to head this week. It is good for clearing out debris and cleansing the body of toxins.   Maurice Fernandez from Evolutionary Astrology SKIES said, “the Sun is the cat and the moon the wolf”. Two spirits bringing a message to us during this eclipse season.   I really like that analogy during this eclipse, we are trying to fill an empty cup, and perhaps we should instead try to fill our cups with spirituality.   Eclipses make big changes. It is important to do what one can to be prepared for whatever changes come about. We cannot rebuild structures without first tearing them down. The Mars square Neptune adds to the misinformation. We have been going through much of thesame aspects since January 2020.

There is tension in the air until November 13th when we start to get Venus trine Jupiter and Mercury trine Jupiter and the Sun trine Jupiter. I will be glad when Saturn, Uranus, and nodes aspects are over. I know my life has been so busy and I am ready for relief.

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