November 24th Thanksgiving Day

Hi everyone, on Thanksgiving, we have a beautiful day. The Sun is in Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter and is highly motivated and optimistic. We have a New Moon phase on Wednesday and Thursday which is great for many projects including philosophy, religion, and freedom-loving. Planting the seed for the future. We have Jupiter moving forward in Pisces in rulership.  Pisces brings us a compassionate sensitive and intuitive feeling. Venus is in Sagittarius which brings a playful Thanksgiving celebration. Mars is out of bounds and retrograde in Gemini which means that the planet is behaving like it usually does. Instead of speeding up, we need to slow down and review the area where Mars is in the chart. If Mars is in the 6rh house, we need to focus on slowing down our busy schedules and making room for our bodies to rest.  Saturn is now past the square with Uranus, so this is less tension in the air.  Saturn is in rulership in Aquarius, and this will help get everything a bit more stable. The biggest problem that will continue will be the Mars retrograde which is miscommunication and travel troubles during the holiday season. Mars in Gemini is the trickster.

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