December 1, 2022

The Sun Mercury and Venus are still conjunct in Sagittarius and the Moon is in Pisces.  Mars retrograde will also be making a positive aspect with Saturn. Jupiter will also still be in Pisces which is in Rulership. We have had some very good aspects in November, and this will continue to be a positive flow.

I am giving examples of Mars retrograde in the 1st, and 4th house charts below. The whole chart does need to be looked at, but this is an example of the energy of Mars retrograde.

Mars in the 1st house usually is energy that a person uses to handle life. However, when it is retrograde in the 1st house reviewing how you use your energy comes into focus. The energy just isn’t the same which can cause you to reexamine how you use your strength and whether is that too domineering. This is also how other people see you. Are you being insensitive to others? It can be accidents particularly involving the shoulders.

Mars in the 4th house usually is about energies in the home or your beginnings. The unconscious patterns from the past. However, when Mars is retrograde domestic life, or your unconscious mind needs more attention. The energy is running backward and living with others in particular your parents can be more troublesome. Disputes with land can also be an issue.

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