December 26, 2022 – January 28, 2023

On Monday the 26th of December 25, 2022, Saturn is conjunct with the moon in Aquarius. The planet of responsibility brings about great changes that are very sobering. The location of Saturn in your chart is an area that will need your attention. The moon conjunct Saturn can be a bit depressing. It is a time to reassess affairs in that house in your chart. This is a time of internal growth. It is a time for emotional support. It can be a constructive couple of days and soul searching. Did you spend too much money on Christmas? Did you take care of your physical body?  Uranus will also be in the mix making emotions chaotic. Thinking outside the box is always good for this aspect and purging your closet is a good choice.  This aspect with the New Moon will be over on Tuesday the 27th of December.

Venus, Mercury, and Pluto are still traveling together in the sky until January 2nd. Venus conjunct Mercury is a great aspect for parties or entertaining. Pluto conjuncts both planets and tend to make everything more intense in relationships. Pluto aspects can be like taking a truth serum. The truth is a deep experience. You can see the facts clearly. It can also mean you try to persuade people to your point of view.

Mercury is slowing down and will be retrograde from January 2nd until January 15th, 2023. This is reviewing your choices and redoing projects. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, just more work involved.  Where Mercury is in your chart is the area, you need to review. Mercury retrograde doesn’t allow us to be on autopilot. It is time to brainstorm!

January 4th, 2023, Venus’s sextile Jupiter is a very beautiful aspect of getting together and harmony.

Mercury and Venus are both sextile Neptune until December 29th. This can be a beautiful and artistic aspect. It can also make it a bit like Mercury retrograde, a bit of hazy thinking.

Mars is still retrograde until January 12th in Gemini. It went into Gemini on August 21st, 2022. That is a long transit! It has been direct and retrograde. On January 12th it will station direct again. Mars retrograde has to do with the ability to take back your life and save yourself.  How do you make sure you thrive? How do you want to move forward? If you are on the fence about your life, then Mars retrograde will make you change or adjust. People who are born with Mars retrograde are usually unique and have changed direction many times.  

Mars goes direct on January 12th and releases a lot of energy! I am not sure how this will show up in the universe.

Venus goes into Aquarius from January 4th until January 27th, and it will join with Saturn and will make a square with Uranus on January 15th. This could be when a time of austerity or when we give up a few indulgences from the holidays. Finding a different pathway. It is a time when we may need to withdraw from others or restructure finances.

Venus will be in Pisces on January 28th, and it is exalted. Giving the planet more positive energy.

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