January 13, 2023

Sun sextile Venus is a beautiful and pleasing aspect of harmony. Give the Capricorns and Aquarius people in your life some love. It’s a good day to interact with other people.

Sun conjunct Pluto is an intense aspect, and you must get involved in something that will make changes in your life. There might be something that you need to fix and can’t avoid anymore. Radical changes are possible. This aspect can also be a power struggle. Pluto energy is either creative or destructive energy, and it is best to be careful. Avoid situations of transgression.

Moon square Mercury, emotions can run high if you aren’t communicating at the highest level. Mercury is still retrograde but getting closer to the 18th where it will be direct and moving forward.

Moon trine Venus and Mars, this is an aspect that doesn’t last for long, but it will help make the day a pleasant and harmonious day.

Venus square Uranus, expect to the unexpected today and go with the flow.

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