February 6, 2023 -February 18, 2023

February 6th, 2023, Sun in Aquarius squares Moon Leo and square Uranus, but the aspect is getting farther away. This makes for disruptions and upsets. Try to make loose plans and go with the flow.

 Sun is closely conjunct with Saturn until February 17th. The Sun and Saturn aspects can bring progress and difficulty at the same time; however, hard work pays off.

Venus is in Pisces until February 20th, and we should all take advantage of this golden opportunity. Venus is exalted in Pisces. Venus is comfortable in Pisces, so it works better and brings more opportunities to the Pisces house in your chart.  The Pisces sign is good for volunteer work and service.

Venus square Mars are still affecting each other until February 10th however this aspect is moving farther away and therefore less potent. This aspect causes discord in relationships that are not healthy.

On February 8th Venus sextile Uranus, this is a very pleasant aspect. This aspect will brighten up your social life and relationships. You can be attracted to unusual people and make lasting friendships.

February 10th Mercury conjuncts Pluto this is an intense aspect involving communications and the thinking process. Communications become persuasive. This can be a mental power struggle. It can lead to obsessive thinking and may take a day or two to let it go.

February 11th Mercury moves into Aquarius, people with Mercury in Aquarius tend to be independent and have strong opinions. Mercury in Aquarius is forward-thinking and tends to like the sciences. Mercury has been in Capricorn for 2 months and changing signs is a big change. Capricorn looks to the past and heritage. Aquarius is future-orientated. Mercury in Aquarius will be in its own terms until February 17th which means Mercury works at full capacity.

February 17th Mercury is sextile Jupiter this is a great aspect for all communications verbal as well as written.

February 18th the Sun moves into Pisces. Pisces in a horoscope chart tends to be soulful or religious. Sue Tompkins’s book The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook said, “Pisces is concerned with wholesomeness and universality. “Pisces is a water sign and therefore more emotional than Aquarius. Aquarius is cerebral, and intellectual whereas Pisces is wistful and elusive, however, Albert Einstein was a Pisces, and Pisces can rise to any level depending on the chart.  Pisces’ ruler is Jupiter which is in Aries and Pisces tends to pick up the energy of other signs, particularly Jupiter. This may give more energy to the Pisces season. The first week of Pisces is in the terms of Venus which gives more love and empathy to this week.   

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  1. I love your understanding of astrology. You gave me a quick reading in Santa Fe years ago at the whole life expo. You were the one who saw my gift in writing. I have since written an epic poem about refugees, and write a poem daily which I post on Facebook. Thank you for this gift I’m a Pisces with sun, mercury and mars. Sophia Katy Savich.

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