The Sun moved into Pisces on February 19th, and we have made it to Pisces season! Pisces picks up on Jupiter in Aries energy because Pisces blends with other planets, particularly Jupiter which is ruled by Pisces. They are generally not concerned with right or wrong but with redemption. The energy is softer. Keywords for Pisces are compassionate, empathy, imagination, artistic. However, the problems Pisces have are boundaries and escapism they can be gullible.

New Moon in Pisces on February 20th

February 20th is a great day for starting new projects. It is time to plant new seeds for growth. This is a good day to use that Pisces energy to heal someone. Compassion and empathy are flowing. Artistic endeavors are abundant. This New Moon is in the terms of Venus and so is the Sun, Mercury. This is the beginning of a new cycle.    

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