March 7th, 2023

Full Moon in Virgo and Saturn going into Pisces.

This is a potent Full Moon in Virgo it makes aspects to both Mars and Saturn. It’s good to consolidate the excises program and organize projects, however, the energy of this moon has a lot of nervous energy so doing something physical would be helpful. It can be a bit of turmoil if we don’t stay focused.

Where Pisces is in your chart is where some of these themes will become important.

Saturn in Pisces themes are:

  • Right and wrong become unclear.
  • Spiritual dimensions
  • Gullibility
  • Service orientated because it is paired with the sign Virgo.
  • Escapism
  • Is concerned with universality or oneness.
  • The notice of redemption
  • Healing the suffering of others
  • N0 boundaries
  • Reality check
  • Unconditional faith
  • Transcend law and rules.
  • Avoidance and passive
  • Hazy and wet


  • Previous Pisces in Saturn years
  • 1935- 1938- Hitler’s rise to power
  • 1964- 1967 Vatican reformation
  • 1993- 1996- restrictions on video games

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