I was referred to Ruth by one of my best friends who had made it a habit of scheduling with her randomly over the years.  Our first meeting last year was eye opening.  Ruth was easy to schedule with and asked if there were any areas of my life I wanted to discuss, and when we met, she addressed those as well as what she just saw and felt I needed to know.  I asked about purchasing a home and starting a family- which she was able to predict (looking back a year later) with insane accuracy.  In our conversation she focused a lot on my career, which was odd, because I was happy with my job, and not looking for a change- she said there would be MAJOR good things coming and a big change in the coming months.  I was skeptical, BUT in the 3 months following her reading, I received 2 job offers and a promotion- without applying/looking, people just reached out- exactly like she said they would—it was crazy.   

I decided to meet up with her again exactly 1 year later to talk about 2022 and what she could see for me in 2023, this time to ask about my health and again beginning a family.  She was able to talk in detail about what she saw, and what she thought was going on (I gave her no context).  She also explained what was happening in the universe where planets were shifting and what that meant to me, and areas of my life I should focus.   

At the end of the appointment we always chat in depth about my birth chart and some traits I have and ones to watch out for, or stresses that could be coming my way.  I’m excited to see how the next few months unfold based on my notes and will be chatting with her again after 6 months this time, to kind of level set, as she noted I’d have an amazing summer! 

I highly recommend Ruth, definitely eye-opening and amazing accuracy in terms of what actually ended up happening for me in 2022, and just explaining me and my personality—it’s truly crazy to give someone no background, never met them, and they can just read how you are as a person! 

Thank You Cassandra!

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