March 13- 2023- March 21st, 2023

March 13, -17, 2023, we have Mercury, the Sun, and Neptune approaching a conjunction which will be exact on March 16th. On Monday it will be a couple of degrees away, but the Moon will be making a pleasant aspect to Jupiter. The Moon aspect with Jupiter will help us feel better.  The aspects with Neptune Mercury, Mars and the Sun on the 14th of March will still make for muddy water and confusion all week. On the 16th, we have the Moon conjunct with Pluto too, and the Moon-Pluto will be square Venus. The tough conversation that is needed just becomes a tangled mess, but the worst of the aspects will be over on the 17th. It is best to not make any rash decisions all week. I imagine there could be more fraudulent activity during this period. We all should be extra careful of opening emails or messages that aren’t valid this week. On the positive side, it is good for meditation, and being in a quiet space.

March 17th Venus will transit through Taurus giving us a break and I am looking forward to a pleasant Venus transit that isn’t affected by Saturn. It has been three years since we have had Venus in Rulership that hasn’t had the extra baggage of Saturn. Venus and Saturn together are heavy, and it takes away the joy. This will last until April 12th. Take advantage of this aspect and make something beautiful.

March 19th Mercury moves into Aries a fire sign giving extra energy and a faster pace. Mercury stays in Aries until April 4th.

On March 20th   the Nodes are getting closer to Venus. The North Nodes want us to transform our relationships, value, and material goods, what is important to us. The North Node has been in Taurus and the South Node has been in Scorpio since January 18, 2022, and will stay until July 12th, 2023. This aspect with the Nodes and Venus is like trying to fill your cup with material goods. You just can’t get enough of material goods. I think because Venus is Taurus in an earth sign, the best way to channel this might be to plant your garden and reap the benefits.

March 20th Sun sextile Pluto both the Sun and Pluto are at the end of the Pisces and Capricorn cycle, but this is a positive aspect, however, it doesn’t last long before the Sun moves into Aries.

March 20th the Sun moves into Aries and will be conjunct, with Mercury. Aries is a fire sign and is domineering and pioneering. The Sun in Aries is exalted and rejuvenated, the conjunction of the Sun with Mercury will make some assertive communications, and get the projects done. This is the Spring Equinox. The day and night are balanced.

March 21st, we have a new Moon in Aries. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter are all in Fire signs. Life is moving fast. This is a great time to take the incentive and start new projects. Planting the seeds for new growth. The Sun’s energy is strongest in this phase. This is an active stage of the Moon, but the New Moon has no light. The beginning of a new cycle. Set your intentions and watch them grow.  

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