The Month of April is very positive.

April 1- April 21, 2023, the Sun in Aries is conjunct with Jupiter this is a wonderful aspect. It is a time to start new projects. You may meet new people with different perspectives. It is a good aspect of studying something new.

April 1- April 4, 2023, Venus’s conjunct Uranus is stimulating and different it can cause unexpected results. Sometimes this aspect can mean you meet someone new who is totally different. You are ready for something out of the ordinary. This aspect is moving away from an exact aspect but will still be within 5 degrees until April 4th.

April 1- April 7, 2023, Mars trine Saturn, this transit will provide the help and energy to cope with a busy day or achieve success. It is good for paying attention to details. This aspect was exact on March 30 and 31st. Perhaps you notice something positive was resolved? It will be within 3 degrees until April 7th.

April 5,6th Full Moon in Libra is in the terms of Jupiter giving a positive outlook and an active stage of the Moon. This Full moon is called a Pink Moon because the flowers are in bloom. It’s time to blend and harmonize the body and soul. Big changes are possible within our bodies and souls. It is time to expand your relationships. Relationships are highlighted during this powerful Full Moon. One of the aspects that will be felt is Venus’s conjunction with Uranus during this Full Moon. It is stimulating and different it can cause unexpected results. Because this Full Moon is connected to Venus and Venus is also conjunct with the powerful star Algol which seeks protection, passion, and creative expression. The negative side of Algo is rage. It is important to stay grounded. This will be an amazing and productive Full Moon.

April 7th Moon opposite Mercury this aspect is not a good time to engage in important decisions because the emotions and the mind are at odds.

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