Pluto in Aquarius is going to change everything. There will be a before picture and an after picture.  Saturn in Pisces, Pluto in Aquarius, and Mars moving out of Gemini after 8 months big changes and shifts in the patterns of our life, and technology will change. Kelly Surtees from Kelly’s Astrology wrote about it in her newsletter.

“Maybe you too have noticed something similar? A long-running pattern, commitment or feature in your schedule that you’re now questioning? Perhaps something that’s been a feature in your life since 2008, or 2009?

If so, it would make sense.

Pluto in the Move: A New Era Begins

Pluto moving after more than 15 years in the same place is a powerful indication that conditions are changing, and that influences that have guided you for more than a decade may not be such a big factor any longer. Maybe there are new or different factors to prioritize? Emerging choices that now capture your attention? Maybe in that time, alliances have shifted, and different people matter more to you. Maybe you matter more to yourself than you did then?”

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