April 10, 2023  

April 10th, the Sun in Aries and is still conjunct with Jupiter. In the night sky, we can’t see Jupiter which means we aren’t getting the benefits from Jupiter. The planet Jupiter normally would give us blessings and benefits, but this week it’s not possible. Both Venus and Mercury are in Taurus. Venus shines in Taurus she is comfortable in Taurus and gives us joy. For the first time in 3 years, she is not squared by Saturn! Mercury is getting ready to retrograde on April 21st. Mercury in Taurus moves slower it’s a measured and steady sign. To get the most out of Mercury in Taurus try not to rush. Patience will be tried when Mercury goes retrograde. This Mercury Retrograde is ruled by Venus which means there could be issues related to money matters.

March 26th – May 21st, Mars in Cancer is technically in its fall in Cancer because Cancer is ruled by the Moon and doesn’t operate at its best in Mars. Mars in Cancer can be aggressive in defending its home territory or someone.

April 10th, we have Mercury conjunct Uranus. This aspect will be within 2 degrees when Mercury goes retrograde on April 21st. Fresh ideas and lively conversations. When Mercury starts to retrograde will make everything slow down. It will be time to reexamine and redo. It could be trouble with money matters. Mercury is the planet associated with travel and travel could be disrupted.

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