The week of April 20th is intense. It is an eclipse at 29 degrees of Aries a big New Moon making a T-square to Pluto at 0 degrees Aquarius (it’s on the cusp of Capricorn) and the North Nodes in Taurus are 4 degrees away from Aries. T squares are full of energy and so it’s important to focus on energy in a positive manner. It is a time of endings and beginnings.  Mercury will be retrograde during this eclipse also. Mars adds to the mix of confusion and intensity. There are so many planets affected that it would affect the cardinal signs (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Libra) the most. Try to stay positive and think about what mantra you want to focus on for the eclipse. Mantras during eclipses are powerful and helpful. This week is a good time to put yourself first and focus on improving yourself.

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