Mercury Retrograde is a time when the motion of Mercury causes havoc in our life’s. Oner Doser gives this view point. Has Mercury Retrograde helped you?

How can we get benefit from Mercury retrograde periods?

“First of all, I believe that this phenomenon is reflected as a very negative one. Mercury retrograde does not mean we should just wait without taking any step. We may even use these periods.

When Mercury is retrograde, we may revise our existing projects and make corrections if necessary. We may also collect some new additional information about our business and we may get ready in a better way.

It is also a good period for exchanging ideas, for brainstorming and for discussing on new projects. However before presenting these ideas, it is wiser to wait until Mercury turns direct.

When Mercury is retrograde, we meet with the situations and people from the past. We may find the items that we lost before. We may re-organize our documents and closets at work and at home…

Mercury retrograde periods are the times to turn inwards, to use our own inner knowledge and own creative powers, to revise and to organize the worldly matters, to define if they suit the needs of our souls, to think, to design and to plan. After thinking and planning what to do, we wait for the direct movement of Mercury for applying our plans.

Mercury retrograde also carries the energy of reconnect. During these periods, old projects may again enter into our agendas or we may meet our former friends or clients. We may have a look at our telephone book and get in touch with our old friends. We may reevaluate any misunderstandings from the past and find a common understanding to these problems. We may realize our faults and have the chance of repairing them. We may again attend to our former groups. For instance, we may renew our membership to a former club or subscribe to the magazine again that we were following before.

This is an article by Oner Doser

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