On May 4th Venus will square Neptune. Because the ruler of Venus is Mercury, reality may feel unclear or hazy right now. But on a positive note, it can also make for beautiful and artistic endeavors. Now may be a good time to ask yourself if your relationship is romantic or unrealistic.

May 5th, 2023, Full Moon in Scorpio 15 degrees –this eclipse forces a deeper understanding of our fears or emotions. This is the last eclipse in Scorpio and is making conjunction with the South Node, which represents an emptying out or letting go of something in life.

This eclipse is a complex energy, one that is deeply personal and an emotional transformation. This Lunar eclipse is making aspects to Uranus, which is making an earthquake in one’s core.  

The authentic changes in your life that you have been working on will transform your life. The area where this Lunar eclipse and where Uranus is could force changes in your life. Where are these aspects in your astrological chart?

 This eclipse is ruled by Mars in Cancer. Cancer holds memories from the past and while Mercury is still retrograde, it will be helpful to exercise patience in all areas. Mars energy is impatient and Mercury retrograde likes to make decisions fast; the goal is to stay grounded and slow down. Instability is possible and things could be very overwhelming if you aren’t ready to adapt and make the change that is being forced on you. Is there an area in your life where you need freedom? Or is there a repair that is needed?  This is a difficult eclipse because it has strong aspects.

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