May 7th- May – May 15th Mercury continues to retrograde; this is a redo and review.

May 7th, 2023, Venus moves into Cancer, this is a nice improvement for Venus. It has triplicity strength in Cancer. Venus is the highest manifestation of love and in Cancer, it provides pleasant effects. It helps us repair after the intense eclipse in Scorpio.

May 9th – May 21, 2023, the Sun in Taurus is conjunct with Uranus, in Taurus. this is a positive aspect of expressing yourself. It is a fast tempo and is very stimulating. New ideas are possible and thinking outside the box.  Don’t be afraid to test out new innovations.

May 12th Mercury retrograde at 6 degrees, sextile Saturn at degrees this is good for finalizing or reviewing something important. On the same day, we have Venus at 6 degrees trine Saturn, this is a beautiful day for getting together and relaxing. Saturn is good for making long-term commitments that are beneficial. Venus in Cancer trine Saturn, in Pisces this aspect adds stability and a sense of reality to relationships, and to business dealings. It is a good Venus-Saturn transit because there aren’t any flashy or egotistic tendencies. The aspect is exact on the 12th, but it can be felt from May 8th– May 19th.

May 13th – 14th Moon in Pisces conjunct Saturn in Pisces, is a sense of isolation or depression. A general feeling of melancholy. Meditation and yoga are great for moving stagnated energy.

May 15th Mars trine Neptune is a difficult aspect for concentrating, and it does not give high energies physically. It is good for religion or spirituality. Water activity is also good for Mars trine Neptune.  Mercury stations direct. The last 3 weeks of Mercury retrograde will begin to clear up later in the week, but not necessarily today.

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