May 16th-May 21st.

On May 16th, the Moon will be Aries conjunct with Jupiter and square Mars in Cancer. This is a good day for getting projects done if we don’t act rashly. Positive feelings and good energy, but patience will be in short supply. Try not to overstep the mark. It’s best to slow down whenever possible. It might feel like you need to protect someone or crusade for a cause.

On May 16th, Jupiter begins its journey through Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus and represents our possessions, money, and self-worth. Taurus also governs the food we eat and how grow our food. Artistic endeavors are positive. Jupiter helps us expand our life and our circumstances. Mercury has started moving forward too which is helpful. On June 3rdMercury will move past the 15-degree mark where it first went retrograde, and you will find more clarity.

May 18th, Jupiter in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius. This transit is a strong desire or energy to achieve your goals. Try not to push your ideas onto others. I like what Robert Hand said about this transit, “There is a struggle here between the openness of Jupiter and obsessiveness of Pluto. In this situation, one can bring real growth, the other only conflict.” By Robert Hand Planets in Transit.

May 19th New Moon at 28 degrees in Taurus trine Pluto and sextile Mars in Cancer. It is also conjunct with the star Algol and Mars trine Neptune. Pisces rules both Neptune and Jupiter and is a sign that is associated with faith. Faith can also be blind faith. We may have faith that is tested or rewarded during this New Moon. The New Moon is ruled by Venus in Cancer; therefore, family, friends, and your beginnings are important during this New Moon. This is strong energy for starting a new mantra and new growth. Planting the seed for new growth or ventures. This is a positive and good feeling New Moon.

May 20th- 21st: there will be a grand cross with the energies of the Nodes, Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto retrograde. A triangle is formed with Mars in Leo square Jupiter and opposite Pluto. Mars’s opposite Pluto causes power struggles and feelings of powerlessness. Pluto and Mars’s aspects are intense and hard to control. A Serious flare-up is possible. There can be power struggles during this transit and a need to fill up our cup or empty out something in our lives. This is a tough aspect and we can feel stuck. It can be positive if you have a goal and give others space and avoid stepping on someone’s ego.



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