June 11, 2023

This week is a great time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

June 11th Mercury moves into Gemini. Gemini is an air sign and a mental sign.  It is in rulership and is comfortable in Gemini. Gemini rules the hands. It’s great for journalism, ideas, and meeting new people. We create and exchange new ideas.

June 11, 2023, the Moon is in Aries where it is trine Venus and Mars, and the Moon is in the 3rd quarter phase. The Moon in Aries is at its most active stage.  There is a feeling of urgency to finish projects.  The Moon-making aspects with Venus and Mars will give us the energy to complete what you started. The Sun is also sextile the Moon and Mercury. It is a mentally stimulating day. The mind is active and curious. Jupiter squares Venus. Venus in Leo is generous, and Jupiter in Taurus is ruled by Venus. Be careful not to overspend or give too generously to someone.  It can be a special time to give extra effort to someone but be constructive.  Impulse control will be needed to make the most of these couple of days. This is an invigorating aspect. Mercury trine Pluto brings something out into the light. It makes something clear.  This makes a pleasant day.

June 11th Pluto will return to Capricorn this is finishing up the Capricorn business that began in 2008. Capricorn is the sign that is good at building structures and Pluto breaking down what no longer is working. This is Robert Hand describing Pluto’s energy.

 Robert Hand in his book, Planets in Transit, “The nature of Pluto is similar to that of the Hindu god Shiva, the creator, and destroyer. Pluto usually begins by breaking down a structure and then it creates a new one in its place. This entire cycle of death, destruction, and renovation is accompanied by tremendous powers, for Pluto is not a mild or even very subtle planetary influence. You can always see its effects very clearly – ranging from machines breaking down and needing repair to full-scale destruction or death. Decay at one level or another followed by new life from the old is the typical Plutonian process. “

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