June 17th – November 4th, 2023, Saturn in Pisces has begun its retrograde motion at 7 degrees It’s time to surrender and review what is not working for you. Tapping into our intuition and letting go of the ego.

June 18th, we have New Moon at 9:00 pm MST. New Moons are active and a time to start a new project or enterprise.

 It’s a great time to start your New Moon Mantra. Set your intention and meditate. Let go of what no longer services you. Visualize your intention to help it grow to fruition. Like a seed growing. Then set a plan maybe write it down. The last step is to act.  Moonstone is a great crystal to help align us with the energy of the moon.   

June 18th, we have Saturn and Jupiter sextile this means the energy is working together to achieve your goals. Mercury will be sextile Venus and Mars for the next couple of days. When the moon changes signs into Cancer later in the day it is in rulership and sextile Saturn. This is a positive New Moon. . The Moon is square Neptune it’s time to check in with your inner self and give yourself time to check your energy.

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