June 25, 2023, the Moon in Virgo will be square Mercury in Gemini and square Neptune in Pisces. The aspect is tense and causes a disconnect mentally and emotionally. Uranus will be square Mars also. I would suggest a day to try and nourish yourself and be careful because of the potential for accidents. It could be difficult to stay grounded. Money markets could be a topic. The news on this day could be interesting.  

June 26, 2023, Mercury leaves Gemini and moves into Cancer it will be conjunct the Sun. Cancer is the sign of the mother and is ruled by the moon. It is a deeply sensitive sign and caring. The crab holds onto the hurt feelings and the body is the keeper of the score for Cancers. They can hold onto the emotional pain from the past. It has a hard outer shell to protect itself, but the belly of the crab is not protected. The power of Cancer is that they can care too much as well as the downfall.  

The Sun will be trine Saturn on the 26th. It is a day to heal and move forward, particularly after June 25th when there was so much tension in the air.

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