July 3, 2023, Full Moon in Capricorn trine Jupiter and sextile Saturn. The earth signs make this a stable full Buck Moon. We need this stability because we still have the Venus and Uranus aspect causing havoc. It is a good time to practice grounding work and utilize the practical side of our chart.

July 10th, 2023, Mars moves into Virgo. The Virgo energy is meticulous and centered on health. As soon as Mars moves into Virgo, we will have an opposition to Saturn in Pisces. This aspect causes internal tension. People who have this aspect in their natal chart tend to be relentless and have induration. It’s best to not overwork yourself. If you have a routine that is working for you stick to the plan and keep your goals. Plan on moving slowly. Don’t move so fast that you hurt yourself. It can be an uncomfortable time. The Mars opposition to Saturn in Pisces is exact on July 20th.

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