July 11th, 2023, Mercury moves into Virgo. Mercury is in rulership in Virgo and is wonderful for publishing and editing all types of writing. Virgo is witty and constructive. Virgo is the astrology sign that can heal others. Virgo is the sign associated with the intestines. How do we digest information and organize the information? On July 20th we have the exact opposition of Mars and Saturn we need to plow through something.  Oner Doser’s book Astrological Prediction; A Handbook of Techniques, said “Oppositions manifest the theme of “me and other”. “In an opposition, some events develop which are contrary to our will, and someone or something else makes us reach a decision.” July 21st Venus begins to retrograde in Leo. The last Venus retrograde was in May of 2020 in Gemini. In October of 2018, it was in Libra and Scorpio. Venus retrograde in the astrology chart can be very important if it is on the angles or connected to another planet. Generally, Venus retrograde is asking the question how do I have fun? What am I attracted to? What food or sweets do I like or not like? Changing your appearance is a big part of Leo on the angles of the chart. July 21 the Sun moves into Leo. Leos are generous and fun-loving. Leo is ruled by the Sun and is the energy and ego of the mind and body. Leo likes to say, “Look at me’’.  

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