Super Moon August 1st, 2023, the almanac states that “Supermoon” is a catchy term for what astronomers call “a perigean full Moon” which is when the full Moon happens at (or very near) the exact time when the Moon is closest to us in its orbit.” The Sturgeon Full Moon in Aquarius squares Jupiter and Uranus and Mercury in opposition to Saturn. Mars is also square Jupiter. The Aquarius sign is independent thinking and intelligent and are social people, but they don’t like to participate in many social activities unless it is important to them. There are a lot of aspects but with Jupiter making aspects it gives us a nice break from last week. The energy is available to move something forward. It’s time to complete a project that is beyond our normal perception. It is a good time to break free of convention or break free of normal projections. Be your most authentic self. This is a good day to start a new Mantra.

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