August 30th, 2023, Blue Full Moon in Pisces; Sun in Virgo opposite Moon in Pisces at 7 degrees. It is unusual to have two full moons in one month. The Full Moon is conjunct with Saturn and in the first decan of Pisces adding a need to be responsible and finish what was started. Saturn conjunct the Full Moon in Pisces can be depressive. The Full Moon is in terms of Venus showing us compassion.  Growth is possible, and a need to release what isn’t serving us.  This Blue Moon is creative and compassionate. Being in service to others is important to the Pisces theme. Theater and art are in focus, and the negative side is disillusion and drugs. This could be a time when escapism is possible. Confusion is possible because of the added Mercury retrograde. The Sun in Virgo is linked to the gut and health issues and is analytical. The Full Moon and Saturn in Pisces are linked to psychic consciousness. It can be a polarization. To make the most of this Full Moon try to finish projects you started or need to start and give yourself room to be flexible. It’s best to not set yourself unrealistic goals.

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