Sun conjunct Mercury on September 8th, 2023. In the book Planets in Transit Life Cycles for Living by Robert Hand, he states “This transit emphasizes the areas of your life ruled by Mercury. There are several of these areas, and which you emphasize most depends upon your personal nature. First of all, you are likely to have many more conversations with people. Certainly, this is an opportunity t get your point of view across to others, and you may be more inclined to talk than listen because, like all conjunctions, this one makes you take the initiative and start things. You may be much more involved in sending or receiving letters. This is also a good time to take care of routine paperwork because your mind will be clearer than usual, and you should have little difficulty concentrating. This is an excellent day for starting a new business venture. Mercury-ruled commerce and favors the rapid interchange of ideas and plans that is necessary in business activity. Here again, you will be helped by the sharpness of mind conferred by this transit.”

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