Mars is the only planet moving at a normal speed. Where Libra is your chart is where there could be a lot of movement. Mars is traditionally considered a malefic planet, particularly in a day chart. Mars is the planet of energy and how we use the energy, and it can cause disputes. Mars in the 1st through 6 houses is energies inside you and 7- 10th houses are energies that influence you personally. The 10th house is energies that influence the world.

 Mars in the 1st house could give you more energy to get work done and finish projects, however, you could also have more trouble maintaining relationships because you are ready to dispute any statement or start a dispute. It would be important to stay balanced and use the Virgo and Taurus planets to stay grounded.

Mars in the 2nd house will bring financial matters to the forefront. The ego, values, and beliefs could become pivotal. The desire to have more possessions will become important. Keeping wasteful spending down is important.

Mars in the 3rd house can be a positive energy for working with the collective to accomplish a project. The only problem could be with neighbors or siblings. Sometimes this can manifest as car troubles if your vehicle needs repairs.

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