Saturn trine Mercury and Mars on October 22-23 2023.

Saturn in Pisces is a lesson that we learned through sacrifice…

Pisces is not good a keeping track of time or regulations. They stretch the rules.

Pisces is a useful placement for meditating. Artistic or musical talents are bountiful with Pisces.

Practicing using boundaries is a useful lesson to learn during this Saturn transit. Volunteering is another useful practice during a Saturn in Pisces transit.

This weekend Saturn will be making a positive impact on all the Scorpio signs…

Saturn trine Mercury and Mars will help give mental stamina. It is good for signing documents and business deals. It is practical and useful energy.

It will help keep us strong and will help will endurance. Mars is the planet that helps us assert ourselves. The Mars energy will help us get involved and give passion and drive to the projects we are working on.


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