Mars in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus

[peaks Saturday] extra vigilance called for as aggressive Mars clashes with sudden, spontaneous and erratic Uranus. Poor impulse control can lead to extreme measures or overdoing it, especially with spending, but it’s the same for all other areas; appetite, anger, desires. It’s known to be an “accident prone” signature – the regretful ‘looking before you leap”. Keep your head out of your phone when out and about, and be sure to buckle up when on the road.

Reckless drivers wreck more, so extra caution and focus can keep you out of harm’s way. This is, thankfully, also an alignment of near misses and sudden changes of desire or behavior that can ultimately spare you.

Not a time to let heated emotions or reactions lead you into unwise choices and clashes with people who couldn’t care less, or who are only too happy to make life miserable for you, or worse. Volatility, crimes of passion and outbursts are the hallmarks of this pattern so not the easiest start to the weekend, but fun for going out on a limb and trying new, exhilarating and unique experiences.

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Written by Neil D Paris

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