September 23rd the sun moves into Libra, and we have our September equinox. Deborah Byrd from Earth Sky stated, “What is it? It’s a milestone in Earth’s orbit around the sun. At an equinox, the sun appears directly above Earth’s equator. At the September equinox, it’s crossing from north to south.When is it? The September equinox will fall at 6:50 UTC (1:50 a.m. CDT) September 23, 2023.Note: The name equinox comes from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night). At the equinox, days and nights are said to be equal in length for everyone across the globe. And it’s true. They are approximately equal.”

September 23, The Sun will be conjunct with Venus which will be in mutual reception. Artistic and harmonious endeavors are prominent. Mercury is still in Virgo helping to stay focused. The Moon in Capricorn is still waxing and getting brighter and trine Mercury helping everyone to communicate and feel at ease.  Mercury will trine Jupiter giving us blessing. However, the Moon will also be square Mars so channeling the energy will be important.

September 14, 2023, New Moon in Virgo trine Uranus at 21 degrees this is a beautiful time to plant the seeds for the future. The New Moon gives us hope for the future. The New Moon is in the decan of Mercury. It is an extra bonus having Mercury in Virgo and the Moon in Virgo. This is the beginning of a new cycle. The Sun and the Moon are conjunct this is a great time to start a new business or venture. The Sun’s energy is powerful because there is no light touching the Moon. The Moon will also be trine Pluto. Moon and Pluto can be empowering. Uranus will still be sextile Neptune this aspect can be a spiritual awakening.

Mars in the 4th house stirs up the deeper levels of the mind and consciousness. It can be a lot of activity in the home. Business prospects can be difficult. It is best to avoid attention.

Mars in the 5th house This is a good time to express yourself and for playful endeavors. Children become a focus point.

Mars in the 6th house stimulates working hard. The 6th house is ruled by Virgo your daily routine and health matter become important. It is best to not confront anyone with Mars in the 6th house or you could make an enemy. Working alone is positive because working with others can lead to conflicts. Mars is also the ego so you will want to be able to take credit for your work, but it may not be possible to be a team player at this time. The 6th house is also animals and your health so keeping an exercise program in place is important and be careful of infection and fever. A positive manifestation of Mars in the 6th house is helping those who are less fortunate and volunteering your time.

Mars in the 7th house can cause tension in close relationships and it is the house of open enemies. The planet Mars is self-assertive. Boundaries became very important during this time. Try to avoid legal conflicts and compromise instead. The 7th house is intimate cooperation. It’s possible your relationships can suffer during this transition.

Mars in the 8th house this placement can lead to problems with financial resources that you share with someone. It is usually not a good time to take out a loan. It can be a time of transformation or letting go of something valuable.  In the book Planets in Transit Life Cycles for Living by Robert Hand, he states, “This transit stimulates sex as an expression of your ego.”

Mars in the 9th house can be very creative and expand the mind. Try to open your mind to new ideas and enlarge your beliefs and philosophy.  The problem would be defending your point of view or forcing your viewpoint on someone. The 9th house is the House of Publishing and the Law and Courts and can lead to legal problems.  Traveling becomes satisfactory.

Mars in the 10th house is comfortable it is the highest ego expression. It is wonderful for your career because it gives you the energy to achieve your goals. It is a great time to be your own boss. Conflict with co-workers is possible. Try to compromise and be aware of other people’s interests.

Mars in the 11th house is great for working together with other people for a common goal. Balance and coordinate your needs with others.

Mars in the 12th house is a difficult transit it’s best to work behind the scenes on your projects. Working to help the less fortunate is helpful for navigating this aspect.  Volunteering and working with animals are also helpful. It can be emotionally draining. The 6th house is ruled by Virgo your daily routine and health matter become important. It is best to not confront anyone with Mars in the 6th house or you could make an enemy.

 Mars is the only planet moving at a normal speed. Where Libra is your chart is where there could be a lot of movement. Mars is traditionally considered a malefic planet, particularly in a day chart. Mars is the planet of energy and how we use the energy, and it can cause disputes. Mars in the 1st through 6 houses is energies inside you and 7- 10th houses are energies that influence you personally. The 10th house is energies that influence the world.

 Mars in the 1st house could give you more energy to get work done and finish projects, however, you could also have more trouble maintaining relationships because you are ready to dispute any statement or start a dispute. It would be important to stay balanced and use the Virgo and Taurus planets to stay grounded.

Mars in the 2nd house will bring financial matters to the forefront. The ego, values, and beliefs could become pivotal. The desire to have more possessions will become important. Keeping wasteful spending down is important.

Mars in the 3rd house can be a positive energy for working with the collective to accomplish a project. The only problem could be with neighbors or siblings. Sometimes this can manifest as car troubles if your vehicle needs repairs.