October 3, 2022- October 9th, 2022

Sun conjunct Venus until October 23rd. It is a favorable aspect if you have a few Libra planets this aspect will bring good fortune. You can be very charming and win enemies over to your side. Artistic endeavors bring joy.

Full Moon at 16 degrees Aries on October 9th. Aries is a warrior and resilient. It is the closure of something important. The Full moon is in opposition to Libra which is represented by the scales of balance, harmony, and the law. This can be a time when we rush to defend someone and are impatient. There are so many aspects during this Full Moon including Neptune and Mercury. It is best to take a breath before we act.

In 2008 October through November, we had an opposition between Saturn and Uranus and now we have the last square between Saturn and Uranus and the North Node is conjunct Uranus.  2008 was a major financial upheaval. Now we are in the last waning square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. The financial market looks bleak.  The grocery stores are looking empty again. Plan ahead and keep your head up. We have been dealing with this square since 2020. Change is coming. We must rebuild the old structures in our society. We are almost past this. The United States has been in a Pluto return for the last couple of years. This is a regeneration cycle for this country. This is an intense period particularly if you have planets between 26 degrees and 27 degrees in the cardinal signs.

Mercury moves stationary direct on October 2nd in Virgo. The aspect it’s making is an opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This is extremely mirky water. Pisces in Neptune is generally very positive, but it causes rose-colored glasses. Mercury is in opposition to Neptune within one degree which can cause problems with reality. We can get misled easily during this transit. Checking the facts is important. Neptune in Pisces is positive for meditation, art music, and for being intuitive. Pisces is a very empathic sign and with Neptune, in Pisces, it is very comfortable. It is excellent for Qigong, Tai chi, and yoga to bring the mind into the body. This is a great time to have a getaway. This aspect will be within 3 degrees until October 8th.

Mercury is still making a tight aspect with Pluto until October 11th.  This is like a truth serum that we are drinking and is a penetrating mental combination. Pluto energy is forceful and can be obsessive which can get to bottom of a problem.

Mars in Gemini is trine Jupiter until October 8th. This is a great time to get those projects started. Your energies are moving quickly, and it can be hard to focus on one project. You may start a couple of projects and not complete them. This is a mental sign that works fast. This is a lucky aspect of working with other people.

Mars square Neptune all month. This aspect can be very discouraging particularly if either planet is on the angles in your chart. This aspect can lead to people talking behind your back instead of being upfront. This can also be a problem if you are sensitive to drugs, and depletion of the body. Clarity is often needed during this transit. However, it is excellent for Qigong, Tai chi, and yoga to bring the mind into the body.

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September 21st, 2022. The Sun in Virgo is trine Pluto in Capricorn This aspect is good for taking in new information and making critical judgments.  The aspect is powerful for evolving, and for expressing yourself. The Sun in Virgo trine Pluto is a good time for getting that physical regiment going and staying positive.

Mars in Gemini is trine Saturn in Aquarius. This aspect helps complete difficult jobs that require more patience and stamina. It also can be a bit difficult to confront someone if needed. An example would be if someone made you angry and you would not be able to find a way to stand up for yourself. Boundaries are always important during any Mars and Saturn aspects.

We are continuing to deal with the Saturn square Uranus aspect, it will be exact until October 12th. Uranus and Saturn will be within one degree until November 8th, 2022. This aspect causes tension in the body particularly if it is at the angle of your astrology chart. The best way to fulfill this difficult aspect is to adjust your life to what no longer fits in your world and be ready for what changes come. We all need to be ready for earthquakes all around us.

On September 24th Mercury will retrograde into Virgo and then go direct on October 2nd. I think Mercury is in a better place because it’s in rulership in Mercury even though it is still retrograde. Anytime we have a planet retrograde we review and redo projects, but then the results are much better, and it grows into a better project. It is a learning curve. There are many successful businesses that have started under Mercury retrograde! This is a stressful aspect, but Mercury retrograde makes us act, and think outside the box.

The weekend of September 24th is Venus in Virgo in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. It is a murky aspect. Difficult to understand relationships during the weekend.

On September 25th we have a New Moon in Libra. The moon phase is active and is the time of year when the seed is planted. The Moon is between 0-44 degrees ahead of the Sun. New Moon phases are a great time to start new projects because confidence is flowing. Kelly Surtees said, “the Sun’s energy is strongest in this phase, as there is no light touching the Moon.” This is a new Moon Libra, and the focus is on relationships. The last full Moon was in Pisces where it emphasized the softness and the inner working of the mind a very dreamy Full Moon. This time it is in an air sign conjunct Venus and Mercury in the late degrees.  It will also be in opposition to Jupiter at 2 degrees. This is about friendship and closeness, being connected to others. I hope everyone has a beautiful day.

On September 11th, the Sun in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus both planets are earth signs, and it is a good time to make changes that will benefit your life. Make those diet changes you have wanted to make or a new exercise regime. The energy is available to make changes in your life. It is also a creative force. It is always best to make the changes while there is a good aspect as opposed to a square. These aspects are strongly felt on the angles of the chart. This aspect will last until September 12th.

Mercury Retrograde

On September 9th Mercury is retrograde at 8 degrees. Mercury retrograde is the planet moving back and forth slowly. It is a fluctuating retrograde loop moving past normal boundaries of the elliptic.  The retrograde movement is an obstruction that you must progress through. Mercury retrograde is a time of redo and review. Mercury is retrograde first in Libra and then it goes back into Virgo on September 24th. It continues its retrograde movement until October 2nd when it will go direct.  This Mercury retrograde in Libra will highlight relationships, including business relationships and the courts. Mercury in Libra will start a project and then stop before it is complete, and then start something different. During this transit, it will be hard to stay focused until September 24th when it goes back into Virgo. The Virgo energy will have to redo, review, adapt, and eventually complete.

Sept 9th, 2022

On September 9th Mercury is retrograde at 8 degrees. Mercury retrograde is the planet moving back and forth slowly. It is a fluctuating retrograde loop moving past normal boundaries of the elliptic.  The retrograde movement is an obstruction that you must progress through. Mercury retrograde is a time of redo and review. Mercury is retrograde first in Libra and then it goes back into Virgo on September 24th. It continues its retrograde movement until October 2nd when it will go direct.

 Mercury is also trine Mars, normally I would say this is an excellent time for all mental work and negotiations, but with Mercury retrograde, it has obstacles to jump through before you can get to the finish line. The goal of this transit is to slow down.

The Moon will be square to Mars too, this aspect moves quickly. It can make you feel this irritable.  It is best not to make rash decisions

September 3rd – September 10th

The Moon is in its most active phase in the first quarter it is motivated and able to exert energy, and with Mars sextile Jupiter it is a beneficial aspect. Mercury is also trine Mars. Mercury is also in opposition to Jupiter. This combination turns everything into gold! I hope everyone is putting their best foot forward today and tomorrow. Mercury trine Mars will last until September 9th then Mercury will go retrograde on the 10th of September. Mercury is in opposition to Jupiter until September 8th.

On September 4th we have the exact square of Moon square Neptune your body can pick up good and bad vibrations and the intuitiveness is strong. Sometimes your emotions, and hunches can lead you in the wrong direction.

On September 10th, a Full Moon in Pisces this is a psychic day. A time of reflection. The Moon in Pisces can see reality in rose-colored glasses and yet feel the suffering in the universe the need to escape is strong because it is a vulnerable time. It is a deeply spiritual moon. The Full Moon in Pisces conjunct to Neptune is excellent for art and music. The problem is that sometimes people escape with drugs and alcohol. The moon in Pisces can be gullible too. This full Moon in Pisces will be conjunct Neptune it really amplifies the effect of this full Moon. It is a great time to find fulfillment in our lives and harvest what we have planted.

August 30, 2022- September 1, 2022

Today we have the moon in Libra trine Mars in Gemini. Jupiter is trine Mars and in opposition to the Moon. This is a helpful aspect of energy and feeling good. Social activities are becoming a bit more bountiful. The energy is there to get our goals done.

On August 31st we have an extra-long Moon that is void. The moon is the planet that is responsible for the feedback from our emotions, so during a void Moon’s senses are a bit slow and the energy is not strong. The light of the moon is dimmed. It is a time to rest and restore the energy flow. It is a good time for meditation.

 I hope all of us were able to use the Mercury in Virgo from August 4th to August 26th for planning our goals and organizing our desks and now we are heading into Mercury in Libra going retrograde from September 10th until October 2nd. Mercury in Libra has already started to slow down. Mercury retrograde is excellent for clearing out emails and clutter on desks. It is time for reviewing our choices and revising them.

Mars in Gemini, Mercury in Libra, and Saturn in Aquarius is a lot of emphasis on air signs. There will be a lot of movement. It will be challenging to find ways to slow down. The best way I know of to slow down is to write down what you are trying to accomplish first. If you have Libra on the angles in your chart you will feel this the strongest.

On September 1st, the Sun in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini increasing the possibility of reckless behavior. It is important to slow down.

Mercury trine Mars so much interaction with others and fast thinking.

Mercury is in opposition to Jupiter, with Mercury, slowing and yet trine Mars and in opposition, it is a bit too much. Find the time to slow down! Not everything has to be done immediately.

Mars trine Jupiter is so much action, but it is good for getting the projects done.


August 21, – 22, 2022

On August 21, and August 22 we have Mercury in opposition to Neptune. It is a delightful day if you just wanted to hang out by the water and meditate or relax. It is the solitude that we all need sometimes.  Great time for the artist to compose that music or painting. Mercury in opposition to Neptune is not good at articulating an idea unless you are using a paintbrush.

On the same day, we have Moon square Neptune, this aspect makes clear emotions and communications go astray it also dissolves boundaries, but this aspect is only on Sunday, August 21.

Mercury is continuing to trine Pluto; this is a positive aspect for writing and studying particularly science and the occult. It started on August 20th and will continue until the 24th of August. Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn can get into the details and gain new insights. It is a good time to write or use the media to articulate your viewpoint.  To get the best use of this aspect make sure you have reviewed anything you plan to publish, because of the Neptune aspects.

On August 20th Mars went into Gemini. It will be in Gemini until March 25, 2023. Mars in Gemini will go retrograde from October 30th until January 12th, 2023. Gemini is a mutable sign that disperses energy including all forms of communication.

Gemini rules the hands, arms, and shoulders. Gemini is a person who has too much going on in their head.

Mars in Gemini will highlight the airlines and the troubles that they will have this winter.  Mars in Gemini is also argumentative and during an election year, I expect there will be some very sharp and intense media surrounding the candidates. Gemini likes to be vocal and speak their mind, and they are the life of the party.

If you have Gemini rising this aspect will be on your ascendant for a long time which will make you more active and vocal. Mars here will make you more self-assertive. If you have this aspect in the 1st house you can be reckless and accident- prone during this time, particularly to the arms hands, and shoulders.

August 16, 2022,

Today we have Uranus in Taurus trine Mercury in Virgo, this transit helps bring mental stimulation and excitement for anything unusual. It is great for starting those projects and learning new skills. It is also good for research and innovative thinking. If you have been stuck, Mercury in Virgo can help you resolve the problem and Uranus always thinks outside the box. Uranus is the planet that likes to make those last-minute trips to get away and with Mercury making a positive aspect it helps plan all the last-minute details.

The Sun is still trine Moon giving everyone a sense of harmony and goodwill. The flow during this transit helps us with group activities. This is a very positive aspect.

The aspect will last a few days which I hope will help us all get organized and stimulated.

August 15th, 2022,

The Sun in Leo is trine the Moon in Aries and conjunct Jupiter and Mercury in Virgo.

It is a great day for all kinds of activities and organizing your thoughts. The Sun in Leo is generous, and fun trine Aries and Jupiter giving it more lift and the rise to the heavens.  Mercury is how we process information and Mercury in Virgo helps to get the projects done that we have been working on.

I hope everyone has a great day.