January 14, – January 22, 2023

The Moon is in the 3rd quarter phase in Libra. The Moon in Libra ruled by Venus likes to please people and loves beauty.

The Sun in Capricorn is Sextile Neptune, this aspect lasts until January 15th and will be exact on January 14th. This aspect is great for feeling others’ sensitivity and music and art.

Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is still a factor until January 21, 2023. Pluto makes everything it touches so intense and makes something small turn into something big. In other words, a small problem can suddenly become very big.

Venus in Aquarius square Uranus is exact on January 15th. This aspect can be fun if you can change plans suddenly. Expect plans to change.

January 15th, 2023

The moon is void today so it’s best to take it easy and do activities that help revitalize your soul and body.

January 16th, 2023

Moon square Venus in Aquarius this aspect is connected to the opposition with Uranus in Taurus. These are two hard aspects.  A square aspect is 90 degrees and is a hard aspect, and manifests more in health, money, or work matters. They often give us anxiety. This aspect demands attention to the area in your chart that has fixed signs, Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio.

The Moon will be in Scorpio. Scorpios tend to go deep into the shadows. The Moon in Scorpio is intense, and emotions are felt deeply, and conjunct the South Node. This can be very spiritual. The Moon will be opposite Uranus in the chart/sky. An opposition is 2 planets that are 180 degrees apart. It is considered a hard aspect, and active. Oppositions cause changes and growth, and growth is never easy. Sue Tompkins’ book, ‘The Contemporary Astrology’s Handbook” refers to oppositions as the right wing and left wing of the government that pushes each other.

January 17th– January 19th, 2023

On the afternoon of the 17th, the moon will ingress into Sagittarius, which will be trine Jupiter. Blessings and benefits for all. Venus will be conjunct with Saturn. Venus is how we get fun and pleasure out of life, when it is square Saturn, we meet people whose destiny is linked with yours, or we make sober decisions regarding money or love. Realistic decisions are needed. ‘January 18th Mercury goes Direct!  

January 20th, 2023, we have a waning crescent moon in Capricorn, the energy is a bit low.

January 21st, 2023, the Sun moves into Aquarius. the sun sign Aquarius two key words are freedom and equality. I believe there is an aversion to hierarchy.  They tend to have many friends and are interested in society and are independent.

January 21st, 2023, we have a New Moon in Aquarius 1 degree, sextile Jupiter. It is close to Venus, great for moving forward. However, the new Moon in Aquarius is ruled by Saturn which means structure, and planning is very helpful during this time.

January 22, 2023, Uranus moves direct.  Uranus has been retrograde since September 2022. We will begin to move forward. This is extremely important because now we have all the planets moving in the same direction. I can feel things starting to resolve themselves. Perhaps society will start to have a solid foundation and money matters will start to get stable.

Venus conjunct Saturn is an important aspect that has strong effects on relationships and friends. It is an austerity aspect. It is a time to structure and plan what is the most important.

Since 2020 we have had many hard aspects and the year 2023 is a less stressful time. It’s not like we won’t have problems, but earth-shattering aspects have lifted.  The Nodes, Saturn, and Uranus, aspects have moved on. Mars retrograde for months is finally moving forward. On January 18th Mercury starts moving forward also. I hope everyone catches a break in January.

January 13, 2023

Sun sextile Venus is a beautiful and pleasing aspect of harmony. Give the Capricorns and Aquarius people in your life some love. It’s a good day to interact with other people.

Sun conjunct Pluto is an intense aspect, and you must get involved in something that will make changes in your life. There might be something that you need to fix and can’t avoid anymore. Radical changes are possible. This aspect can also be a power struggle. Pluto energy is either creative or destructive energy, and it is best to be careful. Avoid situations of transgression.

Moon square Mercury, emotions can run high if you aren’t communicating at the highest level. Mercury is still retrograde but getting closer to the 18th where it will be direct and moving forward.

Moon trine Venus and Mars, this is an aspect that doesn’t last for long, but it will help make the day a pleasant and harmonious day.

Venus square Uranus, expect to the unexpected today and go with the flow.

January 10, 2023

The Sun is trine Pluto this is an intense aspect and powerful. It is good for making changes. You can also make a good impression on someone.

Mercury in Capricorn is still retrograde however it is trine Uranus in Taurus. Thinking outside the box is important but a review is still important. Mercury will be retrograded until January 19th.

Venus in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini is a favorable aspect for interacting with people and attracting other people. Creativity is flowing. Romance is in the air. Mars is retrograde causing stagnation, and this aspect gets some support from Venus.

The Moon is void which means that the light of the moon isn’t visible. It is a good time to recharge your batteries.  

January 11, 2023

The Sun is sextile Neptune is great for artistic endeavors and you feel peoples’ energies clearly today. Sometimes you can receive people’s needs and help them easier. The flow is easier today.

Mercury retrograde conjunct with the Sun is intellectual, and communication is abundant. It is a good idea to keep in mind that reviewing is still important with retrograde planets

The Moon is in Virgo and is trine Mercury and Uranus, I think this is a pleasant aspect for inquisitiveness and for reviewing your plans and making changes to your plans. It’s a good time to try to experiment with your new ideas and see if it feels right.

January 12, 2023

Mars stations direct finally and the movement begins! If you have felt stagnant in the house where Gemini is in your chart you should start to feel something get resolved.  The project that has been delayed will start to move forward slowly. This is a time to move forward.

The Fantastic News is that from January 18- April 21 we don’t have any planets moving retrograde! This is great for moving forward with gusto and getting the goals and projects done.

On January 3rd, will see Moon and Mars closely paired and Aldebaran (the eye of Taurus) will be below them.

The first of 13 Full Moons this year will occur on January 6th it is known as a Wolf Moon. The Moon will look full for serval days. The Full Moon on January 6th is known as the Wolf Moon because on a cold night people could hear the wolves howling in hunger.

The moon on January 6th is a Full Moon in Cancer in the terms of Mercury, and a Full Moon in the rulership of Cancer.  It is the nurturing mother at its best.  This is when we have the most amount of light from the moon. It is a good time to reminisce about old times. Mercury is still retrograde, but it is approaching Uranus in a trine. Venus has gone into Aquarius an air sign which is a people sign. This is good for getting together. Mars is getting ready to go direct on January 12th. Mars direct will help get us moving in a forward motion and Jupiter in Aries will help all of us who have been stagnant. I believe this is a positive Wolf Full Moon.

December 26, 2022 – January 28, 2023

On Monday the 26th of December 25, 2022, Saturn is conjunct with the moon in Aquarius. The planet of responsibility brings about great changes that are very sobering. The location of Saturn in your chart is an area that will need your attention. The moon conjunct Saturn can be a bit depressing. It is a time to reassess affairs in that house in your chart. This is a time of internal growth. It is a time for emotional support. It can be a constructive couple of days and soul searching. Did you spend too much money on Christmas? Did you take care of your physical body?  Uranus will also be in the mix making emotions chaotic. Thinking outside the box is always good for this aspect and purging your closet is a good choice.  This aspect with the New Moon will be over on Tuesday the 27th of December.

Venus, Mercury, and Pluto are still traveling together in the sky until January 2nd. Venus conjunct Mercury is a great aspect for parties or entertaining. Pluto conjuncts both planets and tend to make everything more intense in relationships. Pluto aspects can be like taking a truth serum. The truth is a deep experience. You can see the facts clearly. It can also mean you try to persuade people to your point of view.

Mercury is slowing down and will be retrograde from January 2nd until January 15th, 2023. This is reviewing your choices and redoing projects. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, just more work involved.  Where Mercury is in your chart is the area, you need to review. Mercury retrograde doesn’t allow us to be on autopilot. It is time to brainstorm!

January 4th, 2023, Venus’s sextile Jupiter is a very beautiful aspect of getting together and harmony.

Mercury and Venus are both sextile Neptune until December 29th. This can be a beautiful and artistic aspect. It can also make it a bit like Mercury retrograde, a bit of hazy thinking.

Mars is still retrograde until January 12th in Gemini. It went into Gemini on August 21st, 2022. That is a long transit! It has been direct and retrograde. On January 12th it will station direct again. Mars retrograde has to do with the ability to take back your life and save yourself.  How do you make sure you thrive? How do you want to move forward? If you are on the fence about your life, then Mars retrograde will make you change or adjust. People who are born with Mars retrograde are usually unique and have changed direction many times.  

Mars goes direct on January 12th and releases a lot of energy! I am not sure how this will show up in the universe.

Venus goes into Aquarius from January 4th until January 27th, and it will join with Saturn and will make a square with Uranus on January 15th. This could be when a time of austerity or when we give up a few indulgences from the holidays. Finding a different pathway. It is a time when we may need to withdraw from others or restructure finances.

Venus will be in Pisces on January 28th, and it is exalted. Giving the planet more positive energy.

Saturn in Pisces March 8, 2023, https://ruthsastrology.com/

Saturn in Pisces is a much gentler Saturn sign than Saturn in Aquarius, however, Saturn in Pisces can be sneaky and stealthy at the same time. Boundaries and spiritual direction are held to a higher standard during this time. It can be a time when we get involved in something that is out of control. The Saturn tutorial is humility and acceptance. Meditation will become much more common as well. Music and art will become change into different platforms. https://ruthsastrology.com/https: #astrology#horoscope

December 15, 2022

On December 15th we have the Sun in Sagittarius square the Neptune. It is 1 degree past the exact square; however, the energy is still a bit low, and there can be a break between your view of reality and your ideals. This is a passing aspect that was exact yesterday. This weekend will be a better time for important decisions. The Sun square Neptune is better for meditation, art, yoga, etc.…

Moon trine Uranus, this is an exciting aspect it’s a bit impulsive and fun.

We also have the Mercury conjunct Venus this is a beautiful aspect for art and communication is flowing in a positive direction. Mercury and Venus are communicating about love.

Mercury is also conjunct with Uranus, this aspect helps bring us big ideas, and thinks outside the box!

December 1, 2022

The Sun Mercury and Venus are still conjunct in Sagittarius and the Moon is in Pisces.  Mars retrograde will also be making a positive aspect with Saturn. Jupiter will also still be in Pisces which is in Rulership. We have had some very good aspects in November, and this will continue to be a positive flow.

I am giving examples of Mars retrograde in the 1st, and 4th house charts below. The whole chart does need to be looked at, but this is an example of the energy of Mars retrograde.

Mars in the 1st house usually is energy that a person uses to handle life. However, when it is retrograde in the 1st house reviewing how you use your energy comes into focus. The energy just isn’t the same which can cause you to reexamine how you use your strength and whether is that too domineering. This is also how other people see you. Are you being insensitive to others? It can be accidents particularly involving the shoulders.

Mars in the 4th house usually is about energies in the home or your beginnings. The unconscious patterns from the past. However, when Mars is retrograde domestic life, or your unconscious mind needs more attention. The energy is running backward and living with others in particular your parents can be more troublesome. Disputes with land can also be an issue.