Sun conjunct Mercury on September 8th, 2023. In the book Planets in Transit Life Cycles for Living by Robert Hand, he states “This transit emphasizes the areas of your life ruled by Mercury. There are several of these areas, and which you emphasize most depends upon your personal nature. First of all, you are likely to have many more conversations with people. Certainly, this is an opportunity t get your point of view across to others, and you may be more inclined to talk than listen because, like all conjunctions, this one makes you take the initiative and start things. You may be much more involved in sending or receiving letters. This is also a good time to take care of routine paperwork because your mind will be clearer than usual, and you should have little difficulty concentrating. This is an excellent day for starting a new business venture. Mercury-ruled commerce and favors the rapid interchange of ideas and plans that is necessary in business activity. Here again, you will be helped by the sharpness of mind conferred by this transit.”

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September 5 (Most Locations)
Moon conjunct Uranus at 23 Taurus
Events, your mindset and the general collective mood might be a bit wobbly today.
The Moon will meet Uranus and a potent fixed star, Algol, which can indicate a
tendency to worry, or a heightened possibility of anxiety. Plans may be in flux, or
you might deal with a sudden change to your plans or direction. Adopting a flexible
or spontaneous attitude can help you manage any surprises that come your way
today. The combination of the Moon, Uranus and Algol shows that while things may
be shifting, nothing is likely as bad as you fear. Managing your inner state might
take more energy than usual. Choose to experiment with something new rather
than stick with what’s familiar.

September 4th Venus begins to move direct at 12 degrees, and at the same time, Jupiter begins to move retrograde. We have Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn are all retrograded in September. Retrograde planets make the planets stronger because they keep going over the same points in the chart. This is why astrologers remind us that we finish or make a turnaround during a retrograde period. We literally review and redo where the retrograde planet has been in the chart until the planet moves forward.

Mars has been in Virgo since July 11th and was in opposition to Saturn making life seem heavier. Mars moved into Libra on August 28th and will be in Libra until October 12th. Mars in Libra will give us some relief from that aspect. It will help us talk things through and come to a balance or how do you come to an agreement? Mars in Libra will make us look at the different choices. Mars in Libra is ruled by Venus and Venus is retrograde makes an interesting month because the 2 planets don’t really talk to each other. However, we still have Mercury in Virgo, which is good for methodical thinking, but the retrograde movement makes us slow down, and review and redo. We need to think through and get practical information and be ready to be flexible. Mercury in Virgo retrograde could cause more stress. There is a push and pull energy. September is a much calmer month, and we should see issues get resolved.

August 30th, 2023, Blue Full Moon in Pisces; Sun in Virgo opposite Moon in Pisces at 7 degrees. It is unusual to have two full moons in one month. The Full Moon is conjunct with Saturn and in the first decan of Pisces adding a need to be responsible and finish what was started. Saturn conjunct the Full Moon in Pisces can be depressive. The Full Moon is in terms of Venus showing us compassion.  Growth is possible, and a need to release what isn’t serving us.  This Blue Moon is creative and compassionate. Being in service to others is important to the Pisces theme. Theater and art are in focus, and the negative side is disillusion and drugs. This could be a time when escapism is possible. Confusion is possible because of the added Mercury retrograde. The Sun in Virgo is linked to the gut and health issues and is analytical. The Full Moon and Saturn in Pisces are linked to psychic consciousness. It can be a polarization. To make the most of this Full Moon try to finish projects you started or need to start and give yourself room to be flexible. It’s best to not set yourself unrealistic goals.

August 27th Mars moves into Libra. Mars in Libra tends to go to battle with anyone if they feel there has been an injustice. Winston Churchill had Mars in Libra. Mars in Libra people need to find a balance in their lives and with their partner. The Contemporary Astrology Handbook by Sue Tompkins stated, “The capacity to fight other people’s battles makes this an excellent placement for the law and indeed for any vocation which involves taking sides while at the same time seemly following a drive for peace, harmony, and conciliation.”