August 6th

On August 6th Venus is also trine Neptune. This is a beautiful aspect of artistic endeavors.

On August 7th, 2022, Mars in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus and square Saturn tension is everywhere and frustration. It is time to take things slow and keep in mind things can fluctuate. There is pressure building in the universe. The body holds onto the tension particularly if you have a fixed sign ascendant, Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, or Leo.  I know my impulse control has gone out the door and I need to practice limiting my spending. It is a good day with Mercury in Virgo to just stay home and read a book.

Mercury has been in Virgo since the 4th of August, and this is a great time to clear up the debris in our life. Virgo is good at clearing out the clutter. It is also great for those writing projects. Mercury will stay there until August 26th.

On August 11, 2022, Full Moon in Aquarius is sociable and humanitarian. Technology and science are defined by Aquarius. The sun will be in Leo and in opposition to the Full Moon conjunct Saturn in Aquarius and square Uranus and Mars. Security is important both emotionally and financially and a rebellious nature is the theme for August. The effort we are applying to should be long-term efforts. Short-term efforts could find delays. Mars will also trine Pluto the indomitable spirit conjunct the Star Algol which can create crisis but can give way to creativity.   Mercury in Virgo will help us edit and be practical in our efforts. Luckily, the Sun will be trine Jupiter. Giving a bit of luck.

August 6th, 2022

On August 6th, 2022, we have a grind trine. Sun in Leo trine Jupiter and the Moon in Sagittarius. The Sun in Leo likes to dazzle and shine. Jupiter in Aries is a great adventure, and the Moon Sagittarius is the half man and half hunter ready to kick off the adventure.

July 28, 2022, New Moon in Leo:

The Moon in Leo likes to be the best at something to shine. They are very generous and warm. This is a time is set goals and and then thrive in the light of Leo. Build up your pride. Set your intentions for the next 6 months. The New Moon in Leo, trine Jupiter is a time for planting the new seeds and emergence.

Jupiter also goes retrograde, going back over something, and slowing down the movement of Jupiter. Reviewing your project is important.

July 31, 2022

We have the Sun trine Jupiter, this is a nice aspect. The Sun in Leo is generous and a bright fire sign trine Jupiter in Aries action-packed and ready for adventure.

This fourth week in July has been a fruitful week and I hope everyone was able to find a little joy this week.

On August 1st, Uranus in Taurus conjunct Mars in Taurus, is sudden changes and the need for freedom. The Month of August has Uranus in Taurus conjunct Mars and the North Node until the 5th of August.   Chris Brennan from the Astrology podcast called it, “it’s the gas and brake on at the same time. “ Trying to move forward but there is a brick wall in front of us. A sense of order or restrictions that does not fit anymore. We all have baggage that we carry around that no longer fits in our life, it’s time to clean out the closet. It can be slow progress in achieving goals. We should all try to be the most authentic we can, and be self-sufficient. It is a very intense aspect. The body and the universe want sudden changes and freedom from restrictions, it is important to find our authentic self.

July 13th Full Moon in Capricorn

The Full Moon in Capricorn is connected to structures and buildings, setting the goals that are important to us. It is also very important for the structure of the family as this Full Moon is opposite the Sun in Cancer. The two are polarized the mother and the father figure. The supportive influences can help give you energy. Visualize what changes you want to make and then release them to the earth.

Mercury is also sextile Uranus the energy for communications flows. It is a good day for talking with friends. Spontaneous communication and ideas are flowing freely.

Venus’s trine Saturn, Venus is in Gemini a mutable air sign. Gemini is the life of the party and trine Saturn gives the stability needed for good relationships.

Venus square Neptune is very artistic, dreamy, and romantic. However, the other side of Venus square Neptune is relationships that are unrealistic. You could find someone that is wonderful only to discover the relationship is built on feelings of inadequacy. Martyrdom in the relationship is possible too.

July 14, Moon in Aquarius squared Uranus in Taurus. This aspect can you very independent and quick thinking. It is an exciting aspect, but it is best to slow down and take your time. It can be emotionally upsetting at this time, and unexpected events. Heavy responsibilities or being accountable can be hard to accept because you may need time to reboot emotionally.

Pluto is still making the aspect all week of Pluto squared the Sun in Cancer. This aspect can be very emotional if you have a Cancer placement. It can be going back to roots as a child. Cancer is the mother figure and Saturn is the father figure.

Robert hand in his book, Planets in Transit describes it best, “This is a day when you may have to encounter and even oppose powerful pressures and forces exerted upon you, both from without and from within.”

Sun conjunct Mercury, this is a nice aspect for all thinking and communication. Love it!

Moon square Mars, irritability and moodiness are a possibility. Acting impulsive and frustrated can lead to accidents so be careful. Tension is high during this transit.

Moon sextile Jupiter, this aspect I hope will counteract Moon square Mars, it is nice for making connections with old friends and new friends. Support is there in relationships.

Planets in Transit Life Cycles for Living

2nd edition

by Robert Hand

June 22 – 28th 2022

On June 27th, Mars sextile Saturn, you can work long and hard on projects.

On June 28th Sun squares Jupiter, this is a pleasant aspect, enjoy the day. This is rather a lucky day in most ways.

On June 28th Venus sextiles Jupiter, a lovely day to enjoy the beauty around us.

On June 28th New Moon in Cancer is a time to grow and expand the mind. Time to set your intentions and decide what is possible.

I list the exact aspects in my blog, but the 2 days before or after the exact aspect you could feel it strongly.

June 4th – June 22, 2022

On June 3rd Mercury starts moving direct and Saturn starts to go retrograde on June 4, 2022. The issues you have been working on will start to get resolved now with a new understanding. Saturn going retrograde is going back over old problems that have not been solved.

Wherever Saturn is in your chart, particularly the angle of the chart is where your energy will be focused.

Mercury trine Pluto on June 10th, Mercury is how we think talk and mitigate information. Mercury in Taurus likes information to be visually convened and has a very stoical attitude. When it is aspected to Pluto this is a truth that must be told, basically a no B.S. aspect.

On June 10th Moon in Libra square Pluto, causes intense, empowering thoughts. A strong desire for privacy. Pluto makes this a creative powerful aspect that makes your inner psyche more profound. It is also great for transforming the garden or your home.

On June 11 Venus conjunct Uranus, seeking new freedom, and yet Venus wants stability, so it makes for a back-and-forth motion. Venus is very happy to be in Taurus, but it cannot really function as well as it normally does in Taurus because of the conjunction with Uranus.

 On June 13th Mercury enters Gemini, this is a good time to get the information correct and to have cheerful communication. Mercury is very happy in Gemini.

June 14th, Full Moon in Sagittarius is a great day for getting together with friends and feeling the excitement of a full Moon.

On June 16th Moon is conjunct Pluto, this aspect can reform your relationships, particularly with the mother. It can be an acute power struggle too. This aspect is getting you ready for a new cycle in your life. The energy can be strong, and it can feel like you have too much on your plate. There are a lot of aspects of this day that can make for an unstable day.

On June 16th Sun square Neptune, this is confusion and rose-colored glasses and forgetting information. A very frustrating day.

On June 16th Sun trine Saturn, this aspect will help you finish projects and accomplish your goals.

June 18th Moon in Aquarius squares Venus and Saturn, responsibilities, and discipline. Venus wants something right now.   Impatient is the word to describe it.

On June 18th Venus sextile Neptune, I love this aspect it is very beautiful. A great time to decorate or paint. Do something that feels good for you. Artistic endeavors will feel and look good!

On June 20th Mercury sextile Jupiter, this is good energy for communication.

On June 20th Moon conjunct to Neptune, this is a reflective aspect.

On June 21st Venus trine Pluto, intense emotions. The need to go deeper into a subject and not want anything superficial. On June 21st, the Sun enters Cancer nurturing and creating something that is stable. Cancer has a hard shell and a soft inside. Nurturing is part of their DNA..  The sign Cancer starts the solstice, what have you finished, and what still needs to be done?

On June 22nd, Venus is in Gemini communication abounds. Light-hearted energy.

May 20th – 30th

On May 20th Sun ingress into Gemini, your Sun sign is your vitality, and what you need in life. Gemini is a fun sign with good energy and the person in the room who plays games and wins! They talk with their hands and are generally good at communication. On May 21st, the Sun, and Mercury are combustible, and Mercury is in Retrograde. This means that Mercury is not working as well as it should. Many ideas and communications will have to be redone. This is great to catch on to emails and clean your desk. However, try to go at a slower pace, by the time Mercury is done with its Mercury retrograde you will have finished whatever you had to redo. The result will be better than before. On May 22nd, Mercury retrogrades enter Taurus. Taurus is a stoical sign they express themselves in a clear manner and are good teachers for that reason. Taurus is a slow-paced sign so the difference between Mercury retrogrades in Gemini a fast-paced sign and Taurus a much slower sign should be noticeable. Taurus is stubborn and Gemini is ready for change. Venus’s sextile Saturn on May 24th, this aspect is about your commitments, responsibilities, and money matters. There is a need to review the responsivities in your chart, where are these planets in your chart? Mars changes signs from Pisces to Aries on May 24th. Mars is in its’ home sign here giving it lots of energy, courage, and strength. It can often be rash, and arrogant. Mars in Aries is excellent at sports! The change from Pisces to Aries is so different! Pisces is a sign that is great for the service of the underdog as well as others, and Aries is quick, decisive, and has leadership abilities. The shift in energy is going from making the plans to putting plans in action. Mercury trine Pluto on May 25th, this is a very nice aspect for moving forward in your life and transforming how you think. It is very creative and is best used for finding out what is it you want at a deep level. Finding your inner self, so to speak. The negative side can lead to obsessive thoughts. Venus square Pluto May 26th, this is about the relationships in your life. It is very intense, and change is needed for the relationship to grow. If this aspect is in the angles of your chart, you will feel it strongly. Venus enters Taurus on May 28th. Venus is very positive in Taurus however this year we have Saturn and Uranus making it difficult for the true Venus in Taurus to shine. Mars conjunct Jupiter on May 29th, this will be a day full of energy, and getting projects done will be possible. Physical activity is high, and your energy will be better. This is a very good aspect. On May 30th we have a New Moon in Gemini. It is a new beginning, and some clarity should start to become possible even with the Mercury retrograde. It is a great time to meet new and old friends. Writing in your journal is a positive outlet also.