Jupiter in Taurus May 16- May 26, 2024.

 Taurus is ruled by Venus a sign that indulges in the finer things’ life has to offer, such as good food and wine therefore weight gain can become a problem during Jupiter season, and art and music will thrive. Jupiter in Taurus may help to distribute wealth. I am sure the rich will continue to get richer but there should be a reprieve for the common person. Taurus season will be good for Virgos, Capricorns, and of course Taurus.  From May 2022 to May 2023 Jupiter has been in Aries. Jupiter in Aries moves fast and gets the job done quickly and is ruled by the planet Mars. Aries is aggressive and loves adventure. It is a big change going from a fire sign to an earth sign. Taurus moves slower. Taurus asks us to slow down and smell the roses and enjoy mother nature. Taurus wants us to have more leisure time.

On May 21st the Sun moved into Gemini. Gemini is playful sign and the life of the party and is ruled by Mercury. It is named after the messenger of the Roman gods because of its swift movement across the sky. Mercury rules the thought process, and more importantly communication, in other words how we connect the dots. The planet Mercury is the fastest planet and the sign Gemini is a fast talker and thinker. Gemini people like to do crossword puzzles, and games anything that stimulates the brain. Gemini people tend to talk with their hands.

On May 21st Mars in Leo will oppose Pluto in Aquarius. This energy creates tension between yourself and others. Pluto is an intense Planet. In Tarot Pluto is associated with the Judgement card which indicates a critical decision. It is usually a deep change in life and a permanent change. Pluto in Aquarius is a scientific and social sign and Leo is a sign associated with an excess of moral strength or a lack of moral strength. It is the generous king or the selfish King. This energy causes conflict. What is the choice that you need to make? Power struggles can intensify.

On May 22nd Mars in Leo is comfortable in the fire sign, and Venus in Cancer is a water sign is comfortable in Cancer. Gemini is ruled by Mercury great for communication. In the month of May, we have helpful planets in good signs helping us to move forward. The Sun in Gemini sextile Mars in Leo will help us recover from the difficult aspects on Sunday.

On May 23rd Mars is in Leo square and Jupiter is in Taurus. Two fixed signs with different agendas. It is best to focus on the positive changes you have made. Try to stay grounded.

On May 26 Venus in Cancer sextile Uranus Taurus, this is a beautiful aspect. Take advantage of this great aspect by planning a fun weekend. Mars will be sextile the Sun too!

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