April 1st – 10th forecast

Hi everyone, we have a new moon on April 1st it is conjunct with the Sun in Aries a great time to make a new resolution. An example would be if the aspect is in your sixth house it would be a great time to plan the fitness regimen you have always wanted or reorganize your personal prospects in life. If the aspect is in your 4th house it’s a great time to invest in your home or perhaps simply be in touch with family members.

On April 2nd we have Mercury conjunct the Sun, this aspect really ties into the new moon aspect making those plans and caring them out into the world. What is possible and what isn’t possible. Aries is a very busy sign with lots of fast movement so slow down.

On April 4th Mars conjunct Saturn with this aspect, you want to be careful around sharp objects, but in general, it’s difficult to get something done and, it can be very frustrating because you could be trying very hard to get some projects done.

 On April 5th Venus will finally leave Aquarius and enter Pisces. In Pisces Venus is exalted and happy. This is a great opportunity to make the experience with friends flow or make a new connection. My hope is that the world becomes a little less chaotic during this time.

 On April 7th Mercury sextile Mars this is a positive aspect those projects will finally start to come together for you. It’s great for getting a job done.

On April 10th Mercury enters Taurus this is Mercury moving slower but taking everything in all the senses. It tends to be very thorough and notices the details.

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